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Why I Chose Allbound – Jenna Hanington

“Why I Chose Allbound” with Jenna Hanington, SVP of Global Revenue Operations

Allbound has always placed high priority on our partners and customers, with the goal of providing the best possible experience that will contribute to their own successes. Now, we’re showing you the people behind the PRM.


What your name is and your current position at Allbound and when did you assume your
current position?

Jenna Hanington, SVP of Global Rev. Ops.: My name is Jenna Hanington and I just joined the Allbound team as the SVP of Revenue Operations.I am in my third week with Allbound, so I started on August 15th.


What is your previous experience working in Channel?

J.H: So I’ve never been directly involved in Channel before. I’ve been more what I would call ‘channel adjacent’ in a lot of my prior roles. My most recent experience with Channel was as the head of marketing for a startup here in Atlanta, where we had a few referral partners and some co-marketing relationships that I managed, but we didn’t have anyone who was dedicated to partnerships. So a lot of that management fell on the shoulders of marketing and product to operationalize and enable those partners. And frankly, without a lot of resources at a startup, a lot of those partner relationships never really got off the ground. I would say that experience gave me a lot of appreciation for the amount of enablement that it takes to make a partner program successful. It was a very humbling experience, and I did not know at the time that tools like Allbound existed. Had I known that, that it might have changed my approach to partner management in the past.


So then, what attracted you to working at Allbound?

J.H: There were a lot of things that attracted me to Allbound. I think first I was really excited to work with the leadership team. I’d heard nothing but awesome things about the management team and the open door policy. Having that “people first” mindset. Everyone that I spoke with during the interview process was also incredibly smart, and that just made me excited to work side by side with some really smart people. Another thing that attracted me to all Allbound was the focus that the company has on enabling partners and customers. As a revenue operations professional, one thing that I’m really passionate about is enablement and ensuring your customers, whether they’re internal or external, feel empowered to be successful. Whether that’s through better process documentation, better training programs, or how-to guides. And I thought it was really interesting that Allbound takes that concept of enablement and applies it also within the product. So not only are we enabling clients to be successful through traditional means, like our client success program or implementation program, but we’re also helping those clients enable their partners to be successful. So I remember thinking it was kind of like Enablement Inception when I was going through the interview process.


What would you say was the most impactful part of your first week here at Allbound?

J.H: I feel like it’s a little bit of a cliche, but I would say getting to meet the team, I was able to go into the office in Atlanta and meet some of the team in person, which was really great. And one thing that’s been really energizing about my time at Allbound so far has been the excitement around the revenue operations function. Revenue operations has been growing at the company, especially over the last six months to a year, but is now officially being formalized into a team.

There are a lot of companies where, as a rev ops leader, you have to come in and really prove the value of the function. But I feel like a lot of that buy-in has actually already happened at Allbound, and the team is really excited. That’s a really rare thing and something that got me really excited to work with the Allbound team. I was not sure how much of that during the interview process was fabricated or not. I started onboarding and I was like, “No, there’s actually a lot of really genuine excitement and that’s that’s really refreshing.”


What do you most look forward to in your time at Allbound?

J.H: That’s a loaded question; there’s a lot. I always think it’s really exciting to join a high growth company and see where that journey takes you, especially with the recent investment that we’ve taken on with Invictus and all of the opportunities that will come with that. Personally and from a rev ops standpoint, I’m really excited to see where we can take that function and how we can partner across sales, marketing, client success, finance, product, kind of fully downstream in the customer lifecycle to figure out how to streamline the customer experience, have better insights into our data and what’s working and what’s not, and making sure that our teams feel really empowered to be successful with their tools and their data and their processes across teams. So I would say if I had to summarize it, that’s what I’m most looking forward to.


How do you hope to make an impact at Allbound?

J.H: I think in addition to building out the revenue operations function and just really pushing the boundaries on what we can do with that. I am also excited to bring a revenue operations mindset to a company that works really closely with rep ops teams within our client companies. I think Rep Ops is being brought to the table more often as a decision maker in the software purchase process, especially for anything that falls into the go to market tech stack like Allbound.

I’d love to be able to provide some input on what revenue operations professionals are looking for when they’re evaluating software like Allbound, and how it can really empower their teams. Whether that’s to empower their systems team, enablement team, or their partner teams to be successful. I’m just really hoping that I can represent the buyer within Allbound and bring that revenue operations perspective to the forefront.