Channel Insights

Enhance channel sales with data-driven insights

Unlock the power of data visualization to measure partner success, identify strengths, and pinpoint areas for improvement
Channel Insights
Channel Insights

Leverage PRM data for informed decisions

Harness the capabilities of Channel Insights to understand what's working and how to enhance your partner program. Align marketing and sales strategies with successes and areas needing improvement.

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Automate data visualization and reporting

Channel Insights offers intuitive charts and tables to present channel ecosystem data. Dive deep into channel growth, engagement actions, deal data, and content performance. Identify top-performing partners based on deal size and quantity.

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Evaluate pipeline health

Effortlessly assess the pipeline's status, win ratio, deal value, and number of deals. Segment data by partner type, groups, owner, or tier.

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Track partner engagement with content

Gain valuable insights into partners' most frequently engaged content and learning tracks. Channel Insights simplify your content strategy by highlighting what leads to success.

Performance notifications and sharing

Set alerts to receive notifications if success indicators dip below a specified threshold. Share customized dashboards via email, CSV, or PDF with partners, internal stakeholders, and executives.

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Plan QBRs with real metrics

Use our Channel Insight filters to analyze the success and opportunities of one or a select few companies. Share personalized dashboards with stakeholders for data-driven quarterly business reviews.

Real-time data delivery

Stay in control of your partner ecosystem with real-time updates scheduled directly from Channel Insights. Reports can be generated and sent on a regular schedule, whether quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

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ROI of 20-30%

"I rate Allbound 10 out of 10. Implementing a PRM solution isn't just a matter of cost. A PRM solution has two benefits. The first is increased partner engagement. The second is ROI. A PRM ensures the right assets are targeted to partners so they can deliver the commission better. They have the right playbooks, increasing efficiency and ROI. The partners are more satisfied, which is essential for success for anybody working in a channel organization. There's no reason for somebody not to use a PRM."

Platform Overview

Manage sales partners effectively with a suite of features that improves every step of your relationship, from exploration to retention.

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Partner Journey Automation

Achieve partner engagement at scale by delivering timely, trigger-based notifications.
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Partner Business Planning

Enable relationship managers to consolidate mutual goal-setting and strategy.
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Learning Tracks

Offer partners an intuitive training environment while streamlining onboarding using dynamic learning.
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