Partner Plans

Streamline your partner planning

Enable relationship managers to consolidate mutual goal-setting and strategy into an intuitive, customizable platform, making QBRs a breeze with tailored prompts to suit each partner's unique needs
Partner Business Planning

Customized business plans

Create personalized business plans for key partners, defining onboarding, co-marketing, training, and revenue targets. Easily track partners' performance toward their respective plans.

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Comprehensive collaboration

Our partner plan brings strategy, marketing tasks, onboarding targets, and sales insights into one accessible, shared space that all stakeholders can access in real-time. The result is a dynamic dashboard that motivates partners with visual progress updates, simplifying tracking and review processes.

Enhanced transparency

Increase transparency by clearly outlining mutual expectations, deadlines, and progress tracking. Plans can be visible to specific user roles or individual users within your company and your partner’s company.

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Components of a partner plan

Collaboratively define strategic goals with your partners to ensure you’re aligned from the outset of your relationship.
Create a list of marketing activities based on agreed expectations. Organize tasks in lists with date ranges, costs, and expected ROI. Also, easily incorporate MDF activities.
Gain insights into partner training and onboarding progress, assigning tasks to specific users within partner companies. The platform tracks completed learning tracks and updates the partner plan accordingly.
Create a clear guide for pipeline goals. Our partner plan measures progress toward these goals and visualizes goal completion. These goals, whether monetary or based on closed deals, are markers of achievement throughout the year.

4x Growth in Deal Registration

"Allbound has allowed us to quick and more efficiently have partners create deals registrations and allow us to synch these to our CRM. We have grown our deal regs over this quarter by 70+ new deal regs, matching what we did all last year prior to Allbound."

Platform Overview

Manage sales partners effectively with a suite of features that improves every step of your relationship, from exploration to retention.

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