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Understand Your Partners Requirements in a Portal

When shopping for a partner portal, it’s important to understand which features, analytics, and UX items will be the most important to your partners. The best way to find out? Ask them.

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What to ask your partners, before adopting tools and technologies to improve partnering efficiency. 

  • Are you considering adopting tools to help scale and manage your channel?
  • Are you and your team (and your partners), spending too much time on repetitive tasks that could be automated?


While you are in the decision-phase; evaluating tools to improve efficiency, you will no doubt be consulting internal stakeholders to aggregate everyone’s needs.

When evaluating solutions, you must build a stage where you compare potential solutions. As you know, partners work with multiple vendors and have had their fair share of experiences with portals. It’ll be a quick realisation if yours falls short.

Partners are the best reference source to learn how to improve the partner experience. They can be an excellent guide and sounding board to provide the PX side of the equation as you build your list of requirements. 

We’ve provided a template for a partner portal requirements survey that you can use and adapt to ensure you capture your partners’ requirements before deploying and adopting new tools and technologies.

Note: To collect this data most efficiently from partners, utilise this page as a guide for a Google Form, Survey Monkey, or other survey platform. Using this method versus a PDF or Word Document allows you to aggregate data and understand the sum of your partner unit versus individual documents.

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