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Introducing Allbound

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Allbound Partner Relationship Management (PRM) software empowers partners with improved efficiency, communication, and data-sharing.
A complete solution that scales
your program needs.

Invest in Automation so Your Team Can Spend Time on Building the Partner Relationship

Allbound provides a simple digital experience that harmonises all the needs of the partner from on-boarding, enablement, marketing collaboration and deal registration. This unique blend of tools brings rapid time to value as it allows you to deploy rapidly, scale quickly, and empower your partners to do better.

Automate Tasks to Help You Work Smarter

Automate repetitive communications and functions without compromising the partner experience. For every partner action, there is a relevant system reaction, with granular and defined user experiences, so you are serving the right message to the right partner at the right time. Partners can easily self-serve to progress in their learning or with a sale to increase efficiencies so that partners program managers can oversee more partners.

Declutter and Organise for Optimal Portal UX

Allbound incorporates multiple ways to prevent clutter. Assign content to specific partner groups so users only see applicable materials. Cluster content into multi-tiered training courses or playbooks so partners have well-defined next steps. Enable partners to pin their favorite resources to the dashboard homepage or use a search function to seek out materials related to a certain theme.

Elevate Engagement as Partners Revisit the Portal to Gain Easy Visibility of Performance and Deals

Allbound gives partners the insight they need to stay on target, with reporting dashboards and access to key information. Track performance at every stage of the partner journey and sales pipeline. Drill down intoindividual content piece’s engagement or partners’ participation. Extract trending data to inform which strategies or partner groups outperform or underperform. Connect MDF and SPIFF spending to lead generation to confidently report on the ROI.

Allbound illuminates key metrics through shareable charts ready to be dropped into presentations or sent to shareholders. Receive notifications if performance drops below a certain threshold and integrate PRM data with your greater technology suite. The right data paints a deliberate and complete story. Test, measure, and improve strategies to continually evolve your partner program.

Improve Partners’ Selling Capabilities

By centralising deal registrations and your content library within the same platform, Allbound will automatically serve partners with targeted materials when needed most. Attractive prospect pages create strong impressions. Partners can pin relevant content for a dynamic, organised experience far superior to email. Sales playbooks recommend which messaging and content will resonate best with a prospect at the appropriate time. Independent co-branding capabilities within the portal enables partners to develop polished documents without delay.

Lay the Groundwork for Scalable Growth with Support from Allbound

The Allbound team are passionate about client success with Implementation Specialists and Customer Success Managers, free of charge. We handle much of the initial resource migration and tool integration, and will provide ongoing strategic support.Rest assured, the flat rate will not fluctuate based on the number of partners you engage, the size of your content library, or the features you use. Build a partner program framework that makes sense today, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

Allbound simplifies operations for you and your partners. Allbound is an elegant solution that removes barriers and allows ideas to flourish. We help our customers nurture, engage, and grow their channel while making those partners feel empowered and engaged. Allbound works relentlessly to shape—and lead— channel sales and marketing.

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