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Free Referral Partner Agreement Template

A Simple Template to Get You Started with Your New Partner Program

Ready to start a referral partner program for your SaaS business but don’t have a contract at the ready? We’ve got you covered. This simple, customizable template covers the following key areas of your new channel partnership:

•  Lead Referral and Acceptance

•  Referral Fee Structure

•  Lead Eligibility

•  Fee Payments and Taxes

•  Term and Termination

•  Confidentiality

•  Intellectual Property

•  Representation and Warranties

•  Reserved Rights and General Disclaimers

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What to consider when finalizing your referral partnership agreement contract

When reviewing the provided referral partner agreement template, consider whether further customization is necessary to fit your software company’s specific sales practices.

Ways in which you can expand the language include:

  • Lead acceptance. Referenced within the template are common reasons a SaaS company would disqualify a sales lead, such as the prospect being an existing customer or previously referred. However, there may be other reasons you would consider a lead ineligible, all which are important to note within your partner agreement.
  • Additional Referral Fees. To reflect the practices of the majority of software companies who leverage partner sales, the contract includes language noting that subscription renewals, support, implementation, training, or other professional services are not reflected into Referral Fees. However, if there are additional transactions factored into the fee payment amount, reference this information in the section of the agreement template entitled Referral Fees.

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