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Channel Partner Scorecard Template

How do you evaluate the success of a partnership post-onboarding? Your partners should have the same common goals that you do. One way to ensure alignment between you and your partners is through a channel partner scorecard with defined metrics.

A channel partner scorecard is essential to give a visual representation of whether partners are achieving the expectations that were set in the negotiation stage of your partnership. Allbound created a template that gives you a clear and concise way to communicate the progress of five essential components of a successful partnership:

  1. Training and Onboarding Progress
  2. Deals Registered / Support Provided
  3.  MDF ROI
  4.  Pipeline / Annual Goal Pacing
  5.  Successful Plays


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The Goals of the Channel Partner Scorecard

•  To clearly communicate and reinforce expectations. Scorecards are a simple yet compelling way to eliminate any ambiguity about the standards channel partners should achieve. Knowledge like how many training courses they should complete by a set date help keep them accountable. 

•  To facilitate constructive conversations around partners’ strengths and weaknesses. You and your partners have the shared goal of helping them sell more. The scorecard can structure meetings for optimal productivity by highlighting partners’ performance at specific stages of the pipeline. Scorecard metrics in hand, you two can review possible barriers or needed support to further build their effectiveness and guide buyers along their journey. 

•  To track growth at the individual and program level. Are partners consistently scoring lower than expected in the same manner? This suggests that the hurdles may not rest on the shoulders of channel participants, but with the program itself. The insights exhibited in the scorecards can help determine how you should improve strategies, as well as track performance once changes are implemented. 

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