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CloudCheckr Switched to Allbound and Saved 40% and Increased Partner Engagement 1,400%

“Our previous PRM tool made it challenging for partners to join our ecosystem. With Allbound, we can approve or deny partner access with one click.”

– Deb Schleede, Senior Manager Marketing Operations for CloudCheckr

CloudCheckr delivers total visibility—across multiple public clouds and hybrid workloads—making the most complex cloud infrastructures easy to manage. From government agencies to large enterprise and managed service providers, CloudCheckr customers deploy a SaaS-based platform to secure, manage, and govern the most sensitive environments in the world. Their industry-leading products include CloudCheckr CMx, CMx High Security, CMx Federal, and CloudCheckr Finance Manager for cost management, billing & invoicing, cloud security, compliance, inventory & utilization, and cloud automation.


CloudCheckr’s Business Partner Program delivers the business expertise, sales enablement tools, and cloud technology that MSPs and cloud partners require to profitably grow their cloud services practice. Based on the CloudCheckr cloud management platform (CMP), partners receive access to a partner-first dedicated team aligned to their specific business development requirements.


Challenge: Increased Cost with Current PRM Tool and Inability to Efficiently Add Content, Train Partners, and Share Playbooks

CloudCheckr’s small and nimble partner team was using a PRM tool that quickly grew to be costly, time consuming, and frustrating – not only for Deb Schleede, Senior Manager Marketing Operations for CloudCheckr, but for her partners, too. 


They found several bottlenecks with their current PRM tool:

  • Increased costs as they added more partners
  • Inability to create playbooks for partners
  • Challenge to enable LMS
  • Inefficiency with adding and creating new content as they had to rely on a CRM admin


“It was a lot for our small team to manage with [previous PRM tool] and it was extremely expensive,” explains Schleede.


As Deb’s team came across many roadblocks, they decided to embark on finding a new solution. They thought about what features they needed in a PRM tool to increase engagement from partners. 


Solution: Selecting A More Cost-effective PRM Tool

Once CloudCheckr’s partner team identified top features and needs with a PRM solution, the answer became clear: selecting Allbound enabled for less roadblocks with communication to partners and a quick and easy way to add partners without being penalized financially.

They had about a month to sign on and transition from their current tool to Allbound. CloudCheckr mapped out a plan to launch a group of partners to ensure they were comfortable and happy using their new partner portal. 


Allbound’s content repository capabilities allowed for:

  • Ability to do co-branding on documents
  • CloudCheckr’s content team to bypass a CRM admin to upload resources
  • Automated partner training and onboarding
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated Allbound Customer Success manager to help with onboarding, system requests, and channel best practices within the tool


Impact: Saving Money, Automating Partner Enablement, Easing Frustration

Deb knew they had a short window for transitioning their current partner resources to Allbound. Having a dedicated Customer Success manager to help them every step of the way made it easier for CloudCheckr’s sales team to onboard.


“Our previous PRM tool made it challenging for partners to join our ecosystem. With Allbound, we can approve or deny partner access with one click”, says Schleede.


The biggest impact they saw with the transition was reduced platform costs and increased partner engagement. CloudCheckr no longer had to pay additional fees for adding partners to the portal and their program. Content creation and playbook sharing was now automated, giving partners 24/7 access to resources.