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Why Your Channel Program Needs Account Mapping Software (and the Best Tools Available)

Your partner ecosystem is full of potential leads, most of which you likely haven’t realized yet. Overlapping prospects, opportunities, and customers are hidden within your network, and the only way to find them is through account mapping.

In this article, we’ll dig into the best account mapping tools you should consider for your business.

Why Invest in Account Mapping Software

Account mapping software identifies overlapping accounts — customers and prospects — between your organization and your partners. Consider your ecosystem as a map. With you in the center, your partners form tentacles around you and are intertwined by shared accounts of interest.

Account Mapping Manually

You don’t need software to facilitate account mapping, but tools can make this process much easier and more effective. Through manual work, you and your partners can identify overlapping accounts of interest. However, this will likely involve shuffling through target accounts and customer lists to find duplicates. After spending time manually finding matches, the account data may have already changed. 

At the same time, storing sensitive contact information in a spreadsheet can be a security risk, and a significant one at that. Sharing data in this manner leaves wide room for error, where an account list can easily fall into the wrong hands. As a result, leveraging account mapping software is the best way to identify and act on overlapping opportunities with partners quickly.

Leveraging Account Mapping Tools

By leveraging account mapping tools, you’ll see many benefits, including automatically identifying overlapping opportunities much faster. You can also ensure security by selecting which contact properties you want to share with which partners. 

Finally, maintain an up-to-date record of contact information and account overlap with CRM integrations. Now you no longer need to worry about old information stored in spreadsheets sabotaging your efforts.

Best Account Mapping Software to Consider

There are tons of account mapping tools on the market. But, of course, not all of these tools are created equally. Below, explore the best options available and key considerations when making your decision.


CoSell helps you leverage existing relationships in a scalable and operationalized manner. In addition to facilitating introductions from your network, enjoy quick and easy introductions with the help of automated workflows. Furthermore, CoSell integrates with your existing tech stack, making it easy to identify target contacts and get introduced from the same platform. 

You can get started with CoSell for free — you won’t graduate to paid tiers until your network meets a certain size. However, CoSell is invite-only, so you’ll need to apply for access or be invited by an existing partner to get started.


Reveal also provides free account mapping software, allowing you to sync your CRM and connect with other partners in your ecosystem to identify overlap. Reveal is GDPR compliant by default, so you can rest assured that your data is secure. Only you choose which contact information you want to share with partners to avoid the unwanted distribution of sensitive data.

What sets Reveal apart from other account mapping tools is the Pipeline feature, which allows you to track the impact of different partners in your ecosystem. This ensures you can prioritize the highest-value partners.


On Crossbeam, you can find and connect with your entire partner network. Just search for and invite your partners to get started. On the backend, Crossbeam securely connects with other tools in your arsenal to map prospects, opportunities, and customers.

Once your partner network is mapped, Crossbeam will identify overlap between your network and your partners’ networks. From there, you can request introductions from your partners to prospects and opportunities you’d like to progress.


PartnerTap is designed for secure data sharing between partners. Through their platform, you can invite your partners to connect and sync their CRM data to begin identifying overlapping opportunities, prospects, and customers.

Like other platforms mentioned, PartnerTap can integrate with your existing systems to ensure data accuracy and increase the impact of your efforts. You can get started with basic account mapping on the PartnerTap platform for free.


HubSpot is primarily a CMS and CRM platform, unlike the other tools mentioned above. However, you can still leverage HubSpot for conducting account mapping. 

After identifying key decision makers and influencers at your target accounts, leverage account lists from your partners to find overlap. Make note of which partners are connected to your target accounts within HubSpot, then work with your partners to co-market and co-sell those accounts.


LinkedIn is another platform you can leverage for account mapping. Like HubSpot, LinkedIn was not built for account mapping, but you can still use it to identify opportunity overlap. 

When searching for decision makers and influencers at your target accounts, it’s easy to see who in your network they’re already connected with. From there, you can reach out to your existing connections and ask for an introduction. 

This is a more manual process than most other tools listed here, and it’s hard to know whether your network has worked with their connections before. However, you can integrate your CRM directly into LinkedIn Sales Navigator to automatically sync identified leads. 

How Account Mapping Software Can Work Alongside Your PRM

Identifying accounts of interest is critical, but merely the first step. After finding where you and your partners overlap, you must take action. That’s why your PRM is the perfect partner for an account mapping solution. With a PRM, you can provide partners with a library of readily available sales and marketing resources that can be adapted for any scenario.

With channel insights and deal analytics, you can monitor how deals progress, where leads come from, and more. Additionally, you’ll want to monitor which partners bring in the most deals and which are the most profitable for your organization so you can prioritize spending time and resources on those partners.

Take Your Channel Partnerships to the Next Level with Account Mapping

Your channel partner ecosystem is rich with opportunities. Account mapping allows you to uncover and appropriately approach prospects in your ecosystem. Leveraging an account mapping tool, especially when paired with your PRM, will help streamline and improve this process to drive more results, faster.

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