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Allbound Overview: Increasing Marketing Efficiency

Allbound for Partner Marketing

The objective of good Channel Marketing is to arm your partners with the tools and assets they need to be proficient and self-sufficient. Partner outreach needs to generate joint opportunities and to that end, Allbound tracks every interaction in terms of engagement and progress. Allbound portal hosts everything; with a dynamic and flexible content management solution as well as marketing functionality that allows co-branding, campaign management, and marketing fund tracking. Allbound achieves this in one easy, dynamic experience for you, and your partners as it automates the marketing tasks.

Fully Customizable Partner Portal

  • Branded to your needs and fully customisable to emulate your brand identity
  • SSO (single sign on); set up, manage, and edit your SSO with multiple sign-in page designs, to create a seamless experience for partners
  • Design your own security levels to control security with inactivity timeout, session limits, two factor authentication
  • An intuitive and attractive portal makes it easy for partners to find what they need
  • Gain deep insight into what content resonates
  • Automated workflows guide partners through marketing tasks Calculate campaign ROI with accuracy as the Allbound correlates marketing funds against deals; mapping sales attributed to campaigns and even specific content
  • Ensure brand integrity with automation of co-branding Manage and automate MDF submission, authorisation, and tracking
  • Create custom playbooks of content based on audience attributes
  • Engagement-triggered push notifications
Customizable Partner Portal

Content Library and Management

  • Group partners together or segment your users to target specific content at groups and control access to features
  • Every action can trigger a reaction to nudge partners further along the mapped journey or through a sales cycle with notifications guiding “Next Steps”
  • Update content on a grand scale with bulk editing
  • Dashboards give overall insight or drill down to the detail and see what action has been taken on each piece of content and how that correlates to performance
  • Create your own reports to track which pieces of content are included in learning journeys or playbooks and what is used most often
  • Pin content allows partners to revisit their favourite content easily
  • Reports can even allow you to do version control on assets with last updated date visibility
  • Unlimited content storage with smart searching
  • Social share directly from the portal eligible content

Allbound Co-Branding – Maintain Standards and Enable Partners to Self-Serve 

Grant co-branding to specific partners or groups and then select which pieces of collateral you allow co-branding. It is easy to create as partners simply login, upload their logo and value proposition, adjust the font, colours and sizes and then download the co-branded resource. Simple.

Channel Enablement and Growth

  • Playbooks are digital binders of assets that you can create to guide partners or to provide them with the collateral they need for campaigns
  • Reward partners for achieving clear milestones from on-boarding to executing on marketing, to pipeline development
  • Learning journeys are made more engaging with quiz questions and gamification, assigning points and a leader board


  • Market Development Funds – Automate and Track the Success of Funded Campaigns

  • Reward partners with MDF based on activity in the portal
  • Capture fund requests with templates that capture the information you need
  • Track expenses and results to ensure partners are using funds wisely and to compare campaigns and thereby make more informed decisions with measurable ROI
  • Manage MDF requests through the portal, with transparency to the partner and internal teams to see what has been approved
  • Synchronise with your CRM to provide a comprehensive overview of marketing spend and store POP (Proof of performance)
  • Alerts and notifications keep you and your partners informed as MDF funds are requested and approved

Tracking Engagement

  • Plot partner success with dashboards and metrics across every activity
  • Set goals and objectives with performance tacked against goals
  • Track pipeline from deals distributed or partner generated
  • Track the ROI on marketing spend – even seeing what piece of collateral generated the initial interest, engagement and resulted in a sale


Imagine channel marketing where you can identify what strategy or assets, achieved what result and how they compare with other campaigns?

Imagine Allbound Channel Marketing Automation.

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