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Sales Prospect Pages

Create a Frictionless Selling Process with Easily Customizable Landing Pages for Prospects
Empower partners to produce elegant landing pages unique to each prospect for the ideal selling experience.

A Simple Way to Make a Lasting
First Impression

Partners can create custom landing pages that are harmonious to both your brand and theirs. They can customize introductory text and relevant resources, as well as upload videos and share contact information.

An Easy, Effective Way to Convey
Crucial Information

Partners can easily meet prospects’ shifting needs by updating messaging and materials based on the current stage of their conversations and industry updates. Allbound designed the platform for intuitive use by partners.

Gather Crucial Data to Improve
Content Strategies

Portal admins and partners will receive insight into prospect engagement by viewing the frequency of landing page visits and what content they viewed. This compounded data reveals which content resonates with buyers, helping you develop an effective content strategy to improve pipeline retention.

See Which Prospect Pages Are Attributed to Deal Registration

Quickly attribute prospect pages to partner sales metrics and reporting within the partner portal.

You Choose
Pre-Selected Resources

Choose which materials partners can share in prospect landing pages. Select playbooks, videos, and resources that aid partners in accurately and efficiently selling your product.

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