Sales Prospect Pages

Partners Can Create a Customized Experience

Empower your partners to produce elegant prospect pages customized to reflect their brand and yours. Here, they can regularly update messaging and materials based on the prospects’ particular interests and position within the sales cycle.

Partners customize landing pages unique to each prospect for the ideal selling experience

Improve Sales Communication and Sharing

Partners can refresh the landing page to reflect shifting needs, enabling a more relevant buying experience for the prospect.

Present a Polished Aesthetic for a Strong First Impression

The prospect pages’ layout strikes the balance between comprehensive and cleanliness for the ideal experience.

Easy Set-Up for Partners

The portal guides partners through the process by providing fields for introduction text, reminders to share resources, and more.

Gather Key Data to Improve Your Content Strategies

Both you and your partners can view how many times potential buyers visited pages to collect key insights. The data can reveal which content resonates most with buyers, enabling you to make informed content decisions.

Tie Prospect Pages Directly to Deal Registration

This migrates key information from one part of the portal to the other for a more connected tracking experience, leading to better sales communications and reporting.

Choose Which Materials Partners Can Share

Control which playbooks, videos, and resources partners can share within the portal to help shape sales messaging.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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