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Sales Enablement Playbooks

Empower Partners To Effectively Sell Your Services With Actionable Playbooks
Give partners instant access to different sales plays based on various buying stages, products, industries, and geographies within your organization.

Create Personalized Playbooks

No two prospects are the same, but some share similarities. Allow partners to confidently lead prospects through the buying cycle with playbooks. Equip partners with content proven to work with prospects based on their stage in the buying cycle, pain points, or industry.

Enable partners to accurately represent your company through guided selling.

Automatically Suggest the Right Playbook Thanks to Deal
Registration and Tracking

When partners register and update deals within the Allbound platform, they automatically receive recommendations relevant to their current lead. Is the prospect the CRO who has stalled at the Researching phase? Allbound’s PRM will be ready with a targeted playbook on how partners should best re-engage.

Partners Have the Option to Create Their Own Playbooks

Throughout the lifecycle of a partner, they learn what content they personally find most fruitful. Partners can use the portal to shape new playbooks for themselves and pin them to their dashboard. This gives partners the ability to craft a stream of content that has personally aided in channel success.

Build Competitor Playbooks

Playbooks deliver crucial competitor information directly to your partners. Build a playbook that includes battle cards, competitive analysis, key differentiators, and winning arguments for why a prospect should choose you over a competitor.

An Interactive Solution to Every
Sales Conversation

Gone are the days of sending your partners lists of links in a shared folder. Now, partners can access the right information at the right time to guide prospects through the buying process. This gives partners the autonomy to quickly and easily find the content they need to close a deal.

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FAQs About Sales Enablement Playbooks

Can I measure the success of partner playbooks within Channel Insights?

Yes. You can view conversion assists, partner utilization, and dashboard pins to appraise which playbooks provide the most value.

Can I modify playbooks’ materials directly within the partner portal?

While you can’t edit the PDFs, but you can switch out the content that is in the playbook or upload new versions of the PDFs.

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