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Customizable Partner Portal

Design a Dynamic Experience for Partners Based on Settings You Control

Strengthen partner engagement, program efficiencies, and performance tracking with easy-to-use channel sales portal software.

Dynamically Group and Tier Partners

Utilize segmenting and groups to dynamically present a dashboard that is unique to who your partners are and what they’ve done within the platform. Curated content will present itself within the portal based on partner type, tier, and pieces of training completed, which you have control over.

Customize Your Partner Portal to
Match Your Brand Guidelines

Design your partner portal to serve as a visual extension of your company. It’s easy to modify the color scene, iconography, URL, verbiage, and other key elements to emulate your brand identity.

Effortlessly Control Partner Portal Security Requirements

Self-service security functionality allows system admins to control their portal software. Choose session inactivity timeout, maximum session length, and if two-factor authentication (2FA) is right for you, all within the Allbound settings.

Customizable Single Sign-On

Independently manage, edit, and set up your SSO. Choose from multiple sign-in page designs and customize the portal to fit your brand theme and existing process. Plus, you can white-label the URL to create a seamless experience for your partners.

Clear Mapping to Help Partners
Engage and Grow

Through the use of playbooks, training certifications, engagement-triggered notifications, and well-defined processes, our portal software enables you to guide partners in their growth. Motivate and provide clear objectives for each major milestone, from onboarding to collaborative marketing to pipeline population and tracking.

Tracking Partner Engagement
and Opportunities for Growth

Get a bird’s eye view into partner success with the partner planning dashboard. Metrics you can analyze within the portal include:

  • Pacing towards goals
  • Current joint initiatives
  • Referred pipeline
  • Training engagement, correlating quiz results
  • Marketing spend returns
  • Pipeline performance

With this knowledge, you can identify which materials and strategies were successful compared to others.


Assign points to activities within the platform. Partners have access to a leaderboard that shows their points, rank within their organization, and points breakdown. Gamification can be utilized in transactional and non-transactional partnerships. Control the number of points each action is assigned based on your company goals.

Polished Aesthetic With
User-Friendly Layout

Allbound designed and tested our partner portal software to maximize intuitive use and minimize barriers to adoption.

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FAQs About Partner Portal Software

What other types of software can integrate with Allbound’s partner portal?

We integrate with various CRMs. We offer standard integrations for common tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, SugarCRM, and Zoho. To learn more, visit our Integrations page.

What type of files does the portal support?

The Allbound portal supports ZIP, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, EPS, PSD, XLS, PPT, CSV, MP4, DOCX, and more. There is a 120 MB size limit on any file.

You can add YouTube, Vidyard, Wistia and Vimeo videos via the link and once a user clicks on it, they play within the Allbound portal.

Does Allbound assist with the setup of the partner portal software?
Yes. We equip clients with a team of in-house, hands-on experts dedicated to curating the best partner portal experience possible. Our Implementation Specialists will enable partner managers to implement resources and handle integrations with your existing technology stack. We then hand the reins to a dedicated Customer Success Manager to serve as a strategic partner and answer any questions about the partner portal software.

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