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Partner Journey Automation

Partner Engagement at Scale

Send the right message at the right time to your partners with trigger-based notifications for the best channel outcome.

Automate Partner Engagement

Keeping partners engaged is a challenge at scale. By creating trigger-based notifications for actions within the Allbound platform, you can deliver the right message at the right time, to encourage partners to complete the desired actions for increased channel success. That means more revenue for your partners, and more importantly, more revenue for you.

With Partner Journey Automation you can create complex, rule-based notifications to trigger customized emails when partners take a specific action in the system like registering their first deal or completing a learning track. You are able to trigger automated notifications to partners that have not taken certain actions.

See what our customers have to say

“One of our biggest issues right now is getting partners to make updates in the portal. It’s so great to know I’ll be able to send notifications to a partner if they haven’t taken action on a co-branded piece of content, leads assigned, or MDF updates. Partner Journey Automation is going to be extremely helpful!”

Danielle Moore

Director of Channel Marketing at SpaceIQ

“It’s going to be a game changer to send notifications to partners around deal information and status. I’m really excited about Partner Journey Automation.”

Mathieu Saenz

Partner Program Manager at WPEngine

Personalize New User Registration Confirmation

Create a welcome email that is unique to your partner. Customize the message based on a variety of factors including industry, type of partner, and more.

Re-engage Inactive Partners

Set parameters that will allow you to notify a partner and their CAM/Partner Manager when they hit a specific level of inactivity. With Partner Journey Automation, you can layer notifications to get an email after 30, 45, or any set timeframe. You also have the ability to send an email to a CAM after a specified timeframe to suggest that a partner be marked as inactive.

Deal Registration Notifications

Automate deal registration emails to have a full understanding of all live deals. Send both the partner themselves and the deal managers notifications with registration details and a link to view the deal.

Set Notifications for Actions Not Taken

Send partners an email notification with tips and success metrics that are tied to the features of your partner portal.

Partner Completes a
Learning Track

When a partner completes a specified learning track send a personalized email to the user congratulating them and suggest the next learning track for them to take.

User Has Not Completed a Learning Track in a Specified Timeframe

Remind partners to take chosen learning tracks by setting parameters around the length of time without completion. Notify CAMs/Partner Managers that they should follow up with the user who hasn’t taken the learning track.

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