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Partner Experience Automation

Allbound Automates Partner-Specific Tasks So You Can Focus on the Big Picture
Systemization of processes and intuitive PRM organization makes answers readily available to partners without your direct involvement.

Partner Portal

Attract partners and boost engagement with an attractive, intuitive-to-use platform designed to reflect your unique brand.


Use push notifications, interactive modules, and multi-tiered training courses to enable partners to learn independently.


Consolidate all partner materials in an easy-to-organize library and grant selective access based on which content themes apply most to different partners’ circumstances.

Partner Experience
Automation Benefits

Over the years, Allbound has refined its partner marketing and sales software features based on customers’ evolving needs. One of the greatest pain points it helps to solve? The cumbersome amount of busy work and ad hoc communications which prevent managers from pursuing growth.

Eliminate manual tasks. The Content Library offers partners a user-friendly layout, customized experiences, and a search function.

The result? One-off partner communication won’t consume you. Rather, you can use your time to devise channel-wide strategies that will benefit all participants.

There are certain junctures in which partners would ordinarily need your involvement. For example, if they wanted to co-brand a document or find the answer to a prospect’s question. Without a PRM, this would involve them emailing you and waiting for your assistance.

Allbound’s automation of marketing and sales functions eliminates any delays. Partners can modify relevant materials in ways you pre-determine. Similarly, automated notifications will point partners towards the most relevant sales materials for the particular deals they registered, near-eliminating any confusion.

Accessible 24/7, the portal’s automation empowers partners to find solutions when needed most.

PRM automation reinforces best practices for your team and your partners, minimizing opportunities for error.

For example, the guardrails inherently built into the PRM will prevent partners from sharing irrelevant documents. Partners won’t attempt to co-brand materials on their own, which could lead to sloppiness and inconsistencies. Targeted playbooks will guide sales communications and limit the chances of missteps

What happens if you send a new partner an email with dozens of documents attached? He or she will glance at a few before pushing the majority of them aside for another time.

Allbound lets you introduce new materials when they are most effective. Upon completing a lesson, partners will receive suggestions for new materials directly relevant to what they previously learned. You can even lock learnings until they accomplish specific achievements.

By automatically staggering trainings rather than sending them all at once, you increase their effectiveness without overwhelming partners.

Manual processes that work well when managing five channel partners may crumble under the weight of twenty. PRM automation lets you invest in foundational systems that can be built upon as your program grows.

Partner Experience
Automation Benefits

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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FAQs About Allbound’s PRM Automation Capabilities

Is it possible to automatically serve different experiences to different PRM users?

Yes. By categorizing both your content and partners, you can cultivate the in-portal experience to the individual user. Similarly, you can limit certain parts of the dashboard to be accessible solely by partners who achieve set milestones. As they complete training, register deals, and further engage with the PRM, new features and content can automatically become available.

What is necessary to systemize the tools and behavior triggers?

Setting up group rules and segment out the content/dashboard. When someone logs in and meets those group rules, they’ll see what they need to see. As an admin you can log in as different users to see what they see.

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