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Market Development Funds (MDF)

Templatize and Gain Insights into Your Market Development Funds (MDF) Program
Allbound’s MDF capabilities and submission feature adds automation and ease of use for what used to be a manual, untracked process.

Automate and Centralize
MDF Requests to Reduce Paperwork

Ensure that partners include all essential information within a single communication by customizing a submission template. By consolidating all requests into one dedicated location, channel managers reduce emails and stay organized.

Enable Expense Tracking

Are your partners utilizing funds wisely? Make informed decisions by tracking MDF expenses with deal registrations to measure ROI.

Full Control Over Partner
MDF Access

The MDF request feature allows system administrators to grant precise access to individual users to manage MDF requests within the partner portal. Create transparency amongst users at partner companies by giving “view” access into all MDF requests from their organization. You can extend MDF approval outside of system admins (internal finance teams, etc).

Track MDF Progress
Within Your CRM

Use Allbound’s PRM to see all requests your partners have made, its approval status, and all associated details. Plus, the data syncs with your CRM to provide a more comprehensive overview of marketing spending. For example, partners can attach files to their MDF requests, which will also appear in the CAM’s CRM instance.

Reward Partners with MDF
Based on Behavior

System admins have the ability to allocate MDFs based on behavior in the portal. If a partner achieves high activity it can unlock MDF or if you use a tiered partner model, easily promote partners to MDF with a click of the button.

Set Alerts and Notifications

Get instantly notified when partners request MDFs. Alternatively, keep your partners informed when you either approve or deny requests.

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FAQs About Market Development Funds

Can I track and visualize MDF spending in relation to other KPIs?

You can see requests, the amount requested, how much was approved, ROI. MDFs are broken down into stages for clear visualization.

How much can I customize the MDF request form within the software?

You are able to customize each field in the MDF request form to reflect your current processes.

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