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Channel Marketing

Evolved Processes and Organization for Stronger Partner Marketing
You can help your clients and prospects grow when you gain access to Allbound’s tech and expertise. This program gives you excellent benefits—and no worries about sales.


Empower partners to independently co-brand materials within the 
platform without relinquishing creative control.


Templetize and consolidate all MDF requests for greater efficiency and
ROI measurement.

Content Management

Allbound makes it easy to catalog all your marketing and training content for quick retrieval, controlled partner access, and accumulative
engagement metrics.

Software Benefits

Allbound PRM software empowers partner managers with features designed to improve efficiency, communication, data-sharing, and sales profitability.

Allbound software reduces gratuitous marketing tasks for channel managers in numerous ways, such as:

  • Automation of co-branding
  • Templatization of MDF requests
  • Internal search functionality
  • Custom playbooks and marketing materials based on audience attributes
  • Engagement-triggered push notifications

The portal’s intuitive layout makes it easy for partners to locate the needed marketing materials and independently complete tasks without requiring hands-on assistance.

With all channel sales activities occurring within a single platform, the Channel Insights feature correlates specific marketing funding requests with subsequent registered deals to render a comprehensive view of your campaigns’ output.

Without strictly enforced guidelines on how partners should co-brand marketing materials, they may misrepresent your brand and product offering. Thankfully, Allbound’s partner portal lets you control who can modify which documents and how.

Additionally, Allbound software is designed to require minimal training.

Some documents will naturally be more popular than others, so discern which marketing themes resonate most with partners and prospects alike.

Allbound’s software is compatible with videos, audio recordings, and other file types, enabling you to upload a broad range of channel marketing materials from which partners can pick.

Feature Benefits

FAQs About the Channel Marketing Features Within the Allbound Portal

Does the partner portal track social media and email engagement generated by partners?

While we can see what has been sent out via prospect page or social/email, the Allbound software does not reflect related metrics.

Can I automate which partners can access marketing materials within the portal?

Yes. We recognize that channel marketing materials are not “one size fits all,” so we make it easy to direct partners to exclusively the materials that pertain to their target audiences. Similar guidelines also apply to their ability to co-brand the marketing materials.

Can Allbound’s software measure the quality of my partners’ marketing campaigns (MDFs)?

Allbound’s portal equips your team with the necessary data, but the determination of quality is ultimately a function of the analysis rather than performance tracking. Channel Insights grants full insights into the health of partners’ pipelines as it relates to lead generation efforts and spending. You can see when partners register new deals, the subsequent conversion rate, and the average revenue-per-lead.

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