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Deal Registration Software

Gain Comprehensive Pipeline Insights and Prevent Conflict Amongst Partners
Allbound’s deal registration software capabilities grant both you and partners real-time updates about a lead’s progress, as well as delineates which MDF campaigns produced valuable opportunities.

Integrate Your CRM Software to Eliminate Channel Conflict

Allbound eliminates the confusion that comes with duplicative deal registration from different partners. Customize your portal to match your CRM and mirror any changes in deal statuses.

If the platform disqualifies or rejects a lead, the partner receives an immediate notification about the status change and reasoning.

Guided Selling with Sales Coach

Enable partners to sell efficiently with materials targeted towards the current status of their deals. Sales Coach enables you to insert playbooks into the deal timeline, making it easy for partners to access key resources ideally suited for the prospect’s industry and stage in the cycle.

Control Your Pipeline
Notification Settings

Receive email or push notifications when deals are created or updated. Turn on notifications for all partners or a specific group. Each person involved with the deal will be notified when there is movement to ensure transparency with everyone involved.

Deal Registration Forms That Fit You

We believe that you don’t need to disrupt your deal registration process, but expand your already existing procedures and make it more efficient with automation. It’s easy to transfer your fields and variables within those fields into Allbound’s deal registration software.

Give Partners Transparency
Into Their Deals

As you approve or change a deal’s status in Allbound or your CRM, your partner is able to view its progress within their dashboard. Grant partners the ability to independently update the deal themselves based on their tier or group.

Generate a Bird’s-eye View of the Channel Performance and
Related Partner Engagement

By registering deals within the same software platform as your partner training and prospect page interactions, you can create a comprehensive view of your program’s strengths and weaknesses.

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FAQs About Allbound’s Deal Registration Software

How does the software handle registered deals that stagnate?

We don’t but with PJA you can get a notification if it has been stagnant to both the CAM and the partner.

Partner Journey Automation is a tool within Allbound that can send a notification based on actions taken, or not taken, within the portal. If a partner hasn’t updated a deal in a designated period, you can get an email notification sent to your CAM notifying them as well as send an email to the partner user asking them to update.

Can I customize the deal registration fields?

You can customize the deal registration fields to fit your current processes.

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