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Deal Registration

Prevent Channel Conflict

Partners register deals directly within the Allbound platform to enable automatic CRM integration, easy tracking, and helpful interactions with our Sales Coach feature. What’s more, Allbound eliminates the confusion that comes with duplicative registration from different partners.

Gain full visibility into your partner pipeline with smooth integration between your PRM and CRM and prevent deal conflict.

Enable CRM Integration for a Comprehensive View of Your Pipeline

Deals submitted through Allbound integrate with your CRM to grant you full understanding of prospective sales. Use this consolidated knowledge to track progress, as well as accurately forecast sales.

Utilize our Sales Coach to Better Support the Sales Process

Sales Coach enables you to insert playbooks into deal timelines, making it easy for partners to access key assets related to the current stages of the customers’ sales cycle.

Grant Partners Access to View and Manage Deal Progress

Regardless of whether you use your CRM or Allbound to approve and change a deal’s status, your partner will be able to view its progress within their dashboard. You also have the option to grant them the ability to update the deal, themselves.

Prevent Multiple Partners from Registering the Same Lead

Such a scenario breeds dissatisfaction and confusion, lessening the likelihood of long-term retention. Allbound grants partners visibility into a unified pipeline so they can check a prospect’s status prior to pursuing a new opportunity.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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5 Tips to Avoid Channel Conflict

Even for the most channel-centric companies, partner conflict is inevitable. Conflict can occur for various reasons such as pricing, poor communication, or even deals poached by the direct sales team. By being proactive, you can take steps to avoid these issues.

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What is PRM – How to Define Partner Relationship Management

Partner relationship management (PRM) is the platform used to automate the channel partner lifecycle.

Channel Account Managers must account for onboarding, training, co-branding materials, content management, deal registration, performance analysis, marketing strategies, and channel conflict. Plus, CAMs must consider how they can scale their success in order to grow revenue (hint, this often involves implementing a PRM).

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