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Content Management Tool

Optimize How Your Partners Engage with You
Content is the central nervous system for partner engagement. Our Content Management Tool makes it easy for you to get a full view of your content, adjust groups, visibility, analyze engagement, and more.

Transform the Way You Manage Content

Update Content on a Grand Scale

Manage your content in an efficient and holistic way. Receive a list of content, visibility status, where it lives, and engagement metrics. Save time by selecting multiple pieces of content to instantly update group, company, and visibility settings, and more.

Insights on Individual Content

Get a list overview of total actions taken on each piece of content. Channel Insights provides a deep look into content engagement: which partners are interacting with your content and how engagement correlates to overall channel success.

Customize Columns to Gauge Success

Create a full spectrum view of your content through columns of your choice: title, status, visibility rules, last updated, date created, total actions, sharing options, co-branding status and more.

Learn Where Your Content Lives

The Content Management Tool makes it easy to see where your content lives within the portal. See which content is included in Learning Tracks and Playbooks throughout the portal.

Transparent Engagement Activities

Each piece of content will display the total actions within the portal. Actions include: pinned, added to playbook, viewed, shared, liked, and more. Utilize date range to see what content garnered the most attention in the specified timeframe. 


Actions can also be filtered and sorted to easily visualize how partners are engaging with content, so you can easily answer questions like which content is being liked, shared, or co-branded most frequently and which content is underperforming and might need attention.

Last Updated

Filter content by last updated to bring dated content to light. Easily export a list to share pieces needing an update with the marketing team.

Easily Manage Content Visibility Rules

Assigning content incorrect visibility rules can be a costly mistake and cause confusion among partners. With the Content Management Tool you can filter down to see what content is assigned to specific companies or dynamic groups to quickly audit your visibility rules and ensure that the right partners have access to the right content. Bulk edit capability will allow you to take corrective actions swiftly.

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