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Content Library

Unlimited Content Storage With the Ability to Restrict Access to Certain Materials Based on Partner Groups

Empower partners with a wealth of materials easily accessible within the content library software. The tool’s sophisticated search function and smart organization help users quickly find the content that pertains to their role, industry, and current sales objectives.

Strategic Organization and Customization

Efficient Customization of User Access

Cater to the specific partners’ needs by only serving them content related to their roles, preventing them from becoming overwhelmed.

Agile Content Configuration

Compose your content library to reflect your priorities, sales approach, and partner feedback.

Data-Driven Content Management

You will learn what content resonates with what types of partners and leads to what outcomes. Segment your content for groups of users, regions, verticals, etc. The content is highly searchable.

Pinning of Essential Materials

If a resource proves particularly helpful, they can easily “pin it” to swiftly revisit time and time again.

Easy Discovery of Relevant Resources

Partners can find content specific to their needs by utilizing the platform’s search function, as well as browsing based on sales stage, industry, audience member, or assigned tags.

Optional Social Sharing Capabilities

Enable partners to share content directly from your partner portal to their social media channels.

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FAQs About Allbound’s Content Library Tool

How easy is it to upload my offline content library into the Allbound software?

Uploading matters to the content library software is an easy, intuitive process. You upload each individual piece of content with a title, description, category, (optional) visibility rules, and (optional) gamification. This allows you to have complete control over who sees your content, how to score it, and gives you an opportunity to review your content while you transition. To make content even easier to manage, the Content Management Tool empowers you to get a full view of your content, adjust groups, visibility, analyze engagement, and more.

Can I track engagement metrics like partner clicks, how much content is shared, etc.?

Because you house your content library and deal registrations within the same portal, Allbound software can generate reports which show the role materials play to assist with overall revenue. You can also see individuals’ engagement with select content and program-wide behavioral trends. Analyze clicks, pins, shares, and other related KPIs within the Channel Insights feature to gauge which content your partners like best.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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