Actionable Partner Engagement Insights

Unify and Leverage PRM Data to Make Smart Decisions

Determine what’s working and how to spend your time to improve your partner program. Allbound’s Channel Insights feature makes it easy to measure overall success with attractive charts, as well as to segment data to discern specific strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Knowledge in hand, you can build stronger messaging, nurture the right relationships, and emphasize marketing efforts with proven results. 

Measure The Success of Your Channel Partner Program With AI-Powered Data


Track Partner Content Engagement

Analyze what content is most relevant to your partners and which contributes most to deal registrations. What’s more, you can determine which materials to re-evaluate and which topics to cut entirely.


Monitor Channel Health

Track partner channel engagement and revenue growth. Tie PRM data changes to key decisions to measure their overall impact.


Optimize Your Pipeline

Get a detailed overview of the performance of your channel pipeline. Easily compare various partners or groups of partners to extract important PRM learnings.


Receive Channel Insights Alerts

Set up alerts to receive updates on when changes arise, eliminating the need to manually track KPIs.


Generate Easily Share Reports

Channel Insights allows you to easily share reports with key stakeholders and partners. Download dashboards in PDF format or in excel to view the raw data.

Simplify Channel Management and Increase Partner Engagement with Allbound.

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As a bonus, you’ll see exactly how you stack-up against fellow industry leaders and get intelligent recommendations to improve problem areas – all in just minutes!