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Channel Sales Insights

Visualize Partner Data to Create Actionable Next Steps

Measure sales partner success with attractive charts and segment data to discern strengths and opportunities for improvements.

Unify and Leverage PRM Data to
Make Smart Decisions

Determine what’s working and how to spend your time to improve your partner program. Channel Insights lets you connect marketing and sales strategies to wins or lack thereof.

Knowledge in hand, you can build stronger messaging, nurture the right relationships, and emphasize marketing efforts with proven results.

Automate PRM Data Visualization
and Customize Reports

Channel Insights presents channel ecosystem data with attractive charts and tables. Drill down into channel growth, engagement actions, deal data, and content success all in one platform. Get an in-depth view into which partners are top performers based on deal size or number of deals.

Assess Up-to-Date
Pipeline Health

Quickly view the state of the pipeline, win ratio, deal value, and the number of deals. Segment data based on partner type, groups, owner, or tier.

Track Partner Engagement
with Content

Receive insight into which content partners engage with most often. Get a bird’s eye view into the learning tracks that lead to success. Channel Insights can help guide and simplify your content strategy.

Receive Performance Notifications
and Share with Others

Set alerts to be notified if any of success indicators fall below a specified threshold. Share personalized dashboards via email, CSV, or PDF to partners, internal stakeholders, or other executives.

Plan QBRs with Real Metrics

Use Channel Insights’ filters to analyze one company, or a select few, to get a comprehensive view of their successes and opportunities. Share personalized dashboards via email, CSV, or PDF to partners, internal stakeholders, or other executives.

Data Visualization Directly
in Your Inbox

Always be in control of what’s happening with your partners. Schedule a recurring health check notification directly from Channel Insights so you get real time updates. Reports can be created and sent on a schedule: quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

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FAQs About Channel Sales Insights From Allbound

Can I see performance data for individual sales partners?

Yes. Chanel Sales Insights lets you drill down into the data at the partner level. You can view their pipeline health, the ROI of their MDF submissions, content utilization, and overall PRM access. We recommend you share with partners their performance insights compared to their peers and make individualized, data-driven recommendations on how they can further grow their channel sales.

Can I segment channel insights by partner types?

You can view pipeline performance and PRM engagement data by a variety of different group types. However, it’s the channel manager’s responsibility to classify new or existing partners based on various attributes to create the desired reporting segments (size, region, industry, etc.).

Can I get scheduled reports sent to my inbox?

Yes, through Channel Insights. PDF, visualization, CSV ZIP file.

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