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We are #AllStars

We Believe in Empowerment and Collaboration
What if channel sales wasn’t about micromanagement? Well, we found that it doesn’t have to be. We’ve infused our product with revolutionary passion. We believe in strong channel partnerships that prove you should #NeverSellAlone.

Our mission is to create elegant technology that demolishes barriers and generates fresh ideas for our customers, which in turn helps them nurture and grow their channels. We relentlessly work to shape and lead the indirect sales and marketing sector.

Core Values


We believe in honesty and transparency in all that we do, while holding one another accountable.


We believe in failing forward – leading with curiosity, unafraid of making mistakes and quickly adapting to better our processes, product, and our own personal growth.


We lead with a steadfast work ethic, willing to overcome obstacles and push past boundaries that keep us from achieving our goals.


Paul Szemerenyi


Lyle Henderson


Jenna Hanington

SVP of Global Operations

Genesis Lee

VP of Customer Experience


Ryan Sherman

VP of Product


Tori Barlow

VP of Marketing


Kaushal Panjwani

VP of Engineering