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Allbound Overview: Assisting Channel Sales

Learn more about how Allbound can support you in all stages of partner selling.
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Allbound for Partner Sales

Allbound helps you support all the stages of partner selling with automated and assisted prospect communication, deal registration, and pipeline management for optimal profitability and tracking.

Deal Registration

The fundamental need of all channel managers is to gain reliable, consistent, and accurate pipeline insight. Allbound’s deal registration capabilities grant both you and partners real-time updates about a lead’s progress, as well as associating it to the relevant campaign or content that has produced this opportunity.

  • Guided selling and sales coaching enable partners to sell efficiently using content automatically that is relevant for that opportunity
  • Integrate your CRM to prevent duplicating effort
  • Multiple ways to be kept informed through notifications and emails when activity occurs on the portal
  • Deal registration forms that are unique to you
  • Complete visibility of deals as they move through the sales cycle and as they are updated by you or your partners
  • Channel Performance dashboards provide the all-up view of how a partner is tracking or how a program or campaign is performing

Prospect Pages

Create a selling journey with customisable landing pages for prospects so they have their own unique and elegant sales experience.

  • A simple way to make a good impression with unique prospect landing pages
  • Insight is provided by dashboards and data analysis which tracks every interaction on the portal and landing pages, even what content was viewed
  • Partners can choose from a wide range of content types to share on prospect pages

Sales Enablement Playbooks

These are digital binders that provide guided selling so you can empower your partners as they have instant access to the right tools and assets depending upon the buying stage, the product, the industry, or even by geography.

  • Enable partners to accurately represent your company through guided selling
  • Create personalized playbooks but clone the best bits of previous collections
  • You can create the playbooks or allow partners to create their own and you can even automatically suggest the right playbook

Allbound Intelligent On-Boarding and Partner Engagement

Allbound provides partners with an intuitive, structured training environment designed to nurture and streamline onboarding but recognising that every partner is different. Furthermore, onboarding partners with selfservice training provides automated These provide automated learning journeys based on partner type, tier, geography, and vertical to cater for unique needs. Training is available 24/7 and notifications steer students to the next logical learning step.

Onboard Partners with Self-Service Training
These provide automated learning journeys based on partner type, tier, geography, and vertical to cater for unique needs. Training is available 24/7 and notifications steer students to the next logical learning step.

Multiple Content Types
Everyone learns at different speeds and responds to different mediums, so Allbound allows you to use a wide range of techniques and formats.

Drive Engagement with Quizzes
As partners progress through training, they earn certifications and badges, and channel managers receive real-time alerts.

Intelligent Search Function
Find learning assets easily with intelligent search.

Localized Language Capabilities
Partners will automatically view training resources prepared in their preferred language.

Custom Learning
You can create unique learning tracks for different partner types inspired by their title, vertical, geography, and more.

Partner Recruitment
Use prospect pages to interact, introduce, and engage with potential new partners.

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