3 TED Talks Every SaaS Executive Should See

One of my favorite things about business, and SaaS inparticular, is that the skills that distinguish a good executive running a steadily growing company from a great one running at hypergrowth depend well beyond basic product knowledge and strategic acumen. The exact same can be said about running a successful partner program

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Communication: The Secret Ingredient to Channel Partner Engagement

Imagine the following three scenarios in which businesses succeed in opening new doors through indirect sales relationships.

A garden supply company expands its reach from primarily rural retail outlets to urban rooftop gardening professionals. A long-time computer monitor manufacturer suddenly finds itself breaking into the..

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The Allbound Podcast: Partner Recruitment and Support; It’s More Than 9-5

Asher Mathew, Director of Strategic Alliances, and Liz Anderson, Senior Director of Partner Marketing at Avalara, join me, Jen Spencer, on The Allbound Podcast to discuss partner support and recruitment strategies.

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Don't Manage—Accelerate: Why Sales Acceleration Is the New PRM

PRM is dead—long live partner sales acceleration! When comparing PRM and partner sales acceleration, we can start with the name. Would you rather manage or accelerate? That one’s pretty easy. But your intuition doesn’t tell you why PRM is inferior to partner sales acceleration.

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Semi-Automated is Worse Than Automated

It’s Monday morning at 10:12am, and like most Mondays, having wrapped-up our leadership meetings, I’m back to check emails. There’s something about the state of my inbox this morning, however, that has me a bit riled-up. Dirty, almost. I’ll start with a few subject lines:

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3 Steps to Creating Your B2B Channel Sales Dream Team

As sales executives or managers, you already know you’re in the business of people. Your customer—and their behavior—is the driving factor behind business.

However, it’s equally important to look inward and ask yourself: Are my people happy? Because at the end of the day, your internal team is responsible for driving..

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The Allbound Podcast: The Revolution of Partner Content

Jarrod Weise, Partner Content Manager at Cisco, joined me on The Allbound Podcast to discuss partner enablement with content marketing and support from both sales and marketing.

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3 Best Practices to Ensure Channel Sales and Marketing Alignment

In today’s complex selling world, marketing and sales are less siloed than ever before—and that’s great news. Whether they’re putting together the marketing collateral or out in the field talking to clients and signing deals, marketers and sales staff are both engaged in promotion, and both employ a ton of creativity to do..

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Five KPIs for Your SaaS(ed) Channel

Earlier this week I got my first email from someone with the acronym D.Sc after their name — apparently, this is the new self-assigned suffix being used by folks who consider themselves to be Data Scientists. 

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