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Today's Reality

The emerging

As direct acquisition becomes increasingly difficult, businesses are shifting toward a partner-focused approach. Building and nurturing relationships are key in this evolving ecosystem. Is your business ready for this change?
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The Pivot Point

Why automate your partner program?

Focusing on partnerships is the best way to forge strong business relationships. However, effectively managing so many partners is difficult, which is why over 50% of B2B businesses have automated their partner relationships. When is the optimal time for you to switch to automation and free up time for business growth?
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The Skinny

What is partner relationship management?

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) technology automates the day-to-day activities of a Partner Manager. This includes onboarding, training, co-marketing, deal registration, lead distribution, MDF management, business planning, certifications, gamification, and reporting, just to name a few.
With all that time back, you're free to focus on more strategic elements of your partner program.

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All About PArtners

Partner experience

We're the only PRM that prioritizes partner experience above everything else. To have a successful partner program, you need happy, engaged partners, so providing a great experience is paramount. That's why our central partner hub offers complete transparency with intuitive access to key materials, increasing engagement and activity.
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Become more strategic
Gaining Efficiencies

Become more strategic

Automation can cut partner relationship management effort by 65%. This frees up time for more strategic activities like identifying and recruiting new partners to increase partner-sourced revenue, or supporting co-selling activities with the sales team.
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Revenue uplift opportunity

Automating routine interactions frees up time for high-value relationships, boosting channel partner revenue. By improving visibility into partner performance, you can uncover opportunities to elevate all partners and increase their revenue contribution.
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Revenue uplift opportunity

Define your ideal partner with data

Accelerate your partner program by enabling every type of partner. Use behavioral insights to guide you toward your optimum partner profile rather than experimenting with relationships.
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Quickly enable partners

Our platform enables you to house on-demand content such as training sessions, quizzes, and manual certification processing. Give partners 24/7 access to everything they need to feel fully supported and ready to sell your product.
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Allbound is a G2 leader in PRM

Allbound has been a consistent leader in PRM on G2 for a remarkable 21 consecutive quarters. The success of our customers, and the success of their partners, lies at the core of our achievements.
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The EcoSYstem flywheel

Fueling the ecosystem

The flywheel is about creating a reciprocal partnership ecosystem where everyone wins.

PRM establishes the mechanisms that propel the partner flywheel, generating a wealth of data and insights. You can use this to inform your partner acquisition or co-selling strategy and continually improve your ecosystem as it scales.
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