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Why We Love Allbound
February 14, 2016
Why We Love Allbound

It’s Valentine’s Day, and what better way to celebrate this occasion centered around love, devotion and (apparently) chocolate (lots and lots of chocolate) than with a flurry of heartfelt emotion about Allbound and Partner Sales Acceleration from the people who live and breathe it everyday?

That’s right — some of Allbound’s #AllStars:

Matt Hensler, Director of Customer Success

In my role I get to interact with customers on a daily basis. My agency and B2B marketing strategy background before joining Allbound has served me well in this role. I’ve always loved working with clients to help architect marketing programs that help them grow revenue and build their companies. I still get to do that, but now have the benefit of being able to apply our software as a central point of interaction and activity for all their channel sales and marketing efforts. It’s fun to see how our product and channel sales and marketing philosophies can be applied across industries. It’s even more fun to see the reaction from our customers, many of whom have been waiting a long time for software like ours that can actually help streamline the chaos of the channel.

Ryan Sherman, Director of UX

I love that Allbound takes a user-centric approach to the software. Every time we add new features or functionality we ask ourselves, “Does this bring value to the end user? Is this easy to use? Does it help increase engagement?”

I love being part of a team that pays as much attention to the user experience of the product as they do to the business rules around it.

Jen Spencer, Director of Sales and Marketing

Being a sales-minded marketing professional, I love being creative, and I love brand strategy, but at the end of the day I want to see tangible results that move the needle — which explains my utter infatuation with Allbound. At Allbound we work tirelessly to make sure both our product and our methodology is grounded in the sales and marketing strategies THAT WORK in today’s ever-changing environment. Having experienced firsthand both the challenges and triumphs of selling through a channel of partners, I am inspired every day to improve sales and marketing strategies and operations through the power of Allbound’s technology.

Kyle Burnett, CTO and Co-Founder

At my core I’m a robot. I am all about data, systems and processes. You’d never know it from talking to me though, because on my surface I’m all about creativity and freedom. What I love about Allbound is that the product also has a duality that it has to balance. Underneath its sexy, liberated exterior lies an API-driven system that loves nothing more than data and processes. Historically your sales and marketing technology was either good or attractive, but rarely both. Well, that worldview has persisted long enough. I love challenging old ways of thinking. I love breaking molds. I like discovering rules and then not following them. And Allbound does too. Allbound wants to be more than smart and more than pretty.

Jessica Sanchez, Director of Content Services

I LOVE Allbound because we simplify the process around getting the content sales reps need to close their deals faster.

I love that we’re not just software, but that we offer Customer Success and Content Services to our customers; ensuring customers and partners know how to effectively use our software. Also, when content needs to be refreshed or created, our Content Services Team is there to help create these marketing pieces.

Scott Salkin, CEO and Founder

I love that we are really, truly pushing change and disruption and that we’re not just doing it to sell product — we’re doing it to change the lives of the people working in our industry who KNOW that the system is broken, but just haven’t had anyone like “us” come along yet to change it.

Allbound is different – our purpose is different, our tactics our different, our beliefs are different. We’re modern, unique, and we really care about seeing our customers succeed through what we think is a new way of doing business.