Why Partner Programs Are Great, with Rochelle Coleman
August 25, 2017
Why Partner Programs Are Great, with Rochelle Coleman

rochelle coleman, concerto cloud

Channel experts in your industry, role, and shoes, let you know why they think partner programs are great. Hear from the Director of Partner Strategy and Marketing at Concerto Cloud, Rochelle Coleman, as our fourth featured channel expert on our video compilation of advice, views and anecdotes from experts in the channel. See previous featured guest, Strategic Alliances and Account Manager of Vidyard, Tom Rozdeba, in his video here.


If you could give one piece of advice to someone building a channel partner program, what would it be?

To always put the customer first. If you place the customer at the center of your programs, your recruitment efforts, what you’re going to stand for in the market around your program, you’re not going to make a wrong decision. And, you’re going to always be able to be in a position to provide your partners the best value prop because you’re taking care of their customers as if they are your own. Grow out your program with the customer at the center.

In terms of the definition of partner, always keep in mind that your partners are your customers too. So the way you communicate, the offerings that you provide them, the portal you provide them…just remember that they themselves are their own customer set for you, and that the priority is their customer base.


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