Why Partner Programs Are Great, with Liz Lederer
September 22, 2017
Why Partner Programs Are Great, with Liz Lederer

Liz Lederer, Erwin

Channel experts in your industry, role, and shoes, let you know why they think partner programs are great. Hear from the Director of Channel Marketing at erwin, Liz Lederer, as our fifth featured channel expert on our video compilation of advice, views and anecdotes from experts in the channel. See previous featured guest, Director of Partner Strategy and Marketing at Concerto Cloud, Rochelle Coleman, in her video here.


What do you enjoy most about working with channel partners?

I’ve been working in the channel for over 20 years and really love working with our channel partners. It’s really wonderful when we can collaborate together with the same goals in mind to help our sales people be successful, to help our companies reach their goals but more importantly to get that message out to our customers and to bring them valuable information.

When you work with channel partners and you’re looking to collaborate all over the world, having a platform like Allbound has really been wonderful. It’s bee n a great repository for us to be able to do collaboration, to put playbooks together, to ensure the messaging is correct, to release promos. Working with the channel has really been wonderful, having the right tools to ensure that you’re able to make everybody successful has really been very rewarding.


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