Why Partner Programs Are Great with Adrienne Coburn
July 28, 2017
Why Partner Programs Are Great with Adrienne Coburn

Adrienne Coburn

Channel experts in your industry, role, and shoes, let you know why they think partner programs are great. Hear from the Channel Partner Manager of Uberflip, Adrienne Coburn, as our second featured channel expert on our video compilation of advice, views and anecdotes from experts in the channel. See previous featured guest, CEO of Sales for Life, Jamie Shanks, in his video here.


What do you enjoy most about working with channel partners?

The expertise and knowledge that channel partners bring to the organization. Not only are they a wealth of information when it comes to how to work with our clients, and what their needs are in order to impact sales, but they’re also impacting the strategy and direction that our organization is taking by bringing that wealth of knowledge to our strategic vision. We’ve seen our organization not only move forward in revenue, but also in the direction we’re taking our product from the information and expertise that our partners are bringing into our company.


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