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Why Interactive Content Marketing Belongs in Your Channel
March 7, 2016
Why Interactive Content Marketing Belongs in Your Channel

Interactive content marketing is quickly becoming a major marketing buzzword for 2016. Like a lot of new buzzwords, you’ll hear it thrown around at team meetings — but what exactly does it mean, and what role, if any, will it play in your channel marketing pipeline?

Simply put, interactive content marketing is anything from a quiz to a complex app designed to provide the end user with a meaningful experience with your brand. As the Harvard Business Review points out, in an era where the consumer largely controls the buying process, interactive content marketing helps keep companies top of mind.

Translated to the channel marketing environment, interactive content marketing gives you the opportunity to engage your partners more meaningfully than ever before.

The Next Stage of Content Marketing

You already use content marketing strategies to spur channel sales. Blogs, white papers and case studies all play an important role in getting your channel partners up to speed on your product.

But your channel sales reps may not always have the time to digest highly-detailed technical papers. More to the point, they’ll often have to contend with multiple products from different suppliers, or customers who don’t have time for the long sales pitch.

Handing them an interactive supplement to distinguish your product, delivering salient facts and sales strategies on the quick, can be the silver bullet, especially if it’s well-designed.

Here are a few examples:

  • A calculator that will help channel partners calculate a customer’s potential ROI for purchasing your product
  • Quizzes that pinpoint roadblocks in the channel sales funnel and provide solutions
  • Interactive magazines

Interactive Content Marketing as a Two-Way Street

As with any content marketing strategy, your mileage may vary.

However, something as straightforward as an interactive case study can be a worthwhile investment. A frequent challenge your channel partners face is positioning your product to address a customer’s particular need. Why not provide them with an interactive page of case studies, covering the most common use examples?

Put yourself in your channel partner’s shoes. Address their challenges. Organically build feedback systems into your interactive content marketing applications, and use the collected data to identify priority areas for improvement in your channel sales funnel.

Remember, you’re not selling directly to the customer. Your interactive content marketing efforts should aim at giving your channel partners a simple and engaging way to become ambassadors for your brand.