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Why I Chose Allbound – Rachel Ward

“Why I Chose Allbound” with Rachel Ward, Director of Customer Marketing

Allbound has always placed high priority on our partners and customers, with the goal of providing the best possible experience that will contribute to their own successes. Now, we’re showing you the people behind the PRM.

What your name is and your current position at Allbound and when did you assume your
current position?

Rachel Ward, Director of Customer Marketing: So my name is Rachel Ward. I am the director of customer marketing here at Allbound. And I started just a week ago very excited to be here.

How do you like it so far?

R.W.: I am loving it. It’s been really great. And I know there’s a lot to do, and there’s high stakes, but I appreciate the environment, it’s been great. Everybody’s been very welcoming and it’s a breath of fresh air to have a bit of a smaller team and a few less people to navigate through.


What is your previous experience working in Channel?

R.W: When I started my career in tech, I actually started in partner marketing. So before jumping into customer marketing, everything I did was to work with our partners, to co market with our partners, to support my partner channel team with marketing materials and to make sure that they had what they needed and they were supported in their go to market strategies, but also had the proper materials to enable their partners for success. 


So then, what attracted you to working at Allbound?

R.W: I was very excited to come and work for Allbound because I was recruited. I have someone that I’ve known for a very long time who reached out. Let me know that there was an open position in customer marketing and a really exciting opportunity to come build customer marketing from the ground up at Allbound. And what was really exciting about the opportunity was that she had nothing but amazing things to say about the company, about the leadership, about the people that work here. She definitely talked about how amazing the product is, but at the end of the day, she said it was a really supportive and collaborative environment where everybody worked together to make things happen and that she really just enjoyed coming to work. And I found that very attractive and was really excited to talk to the team and learn more about the opportunity.

Then, during the interview process, I had the opportunity to meet with our CEO, Daniel. Something that was especially meaningful to me and really stood out was when I asked him what was special about Allbound; his answer was not the product or even how amazing it is right now because it’s exciting, we just received our series B funding and we have a lot of growth ahead of us. 

But his answer was the people that work here. He said that what made this company special were the people that work here. And that’s an amazing answer because I, I very much value people; the people I work with, our customers. Being a people oriented person and a huge collaborator, I loved hearing that the leader of our company valued his people above all else.


What would you say was the most impactful part of your first week here at Allbound?

R.W: The most impactful thing that happened during the first week of working at Allbound for me was the opportunity to meet with pretty much everyone that I’d be working with. It was an extremely welcoming environment. I really did appreciate the ability to go into the office because I am local to Atlanta, where our headquarters are, and it was just really welcoming and I really appreciated being able to meet everybody here. And really just how supportive everybody was and how excited everybody was for there to be someone to build and manage customer marketing.


What do you most look forward to in your time at Allbound?

R.W: I am very excited about the opportunity to build customer marketing from the ground up, to establish something new, to really help remove friction for our customers Also internally in how we engage our customers to make sure that they’re able to optimize our PRM and able to really get great resources from us and how to move their programs forward to learn from one another. I’m excited to help facilitate some of those conversations for our customers to learn from one another, and really just making sure that our customers are set up for success. So of course, in turn, Allbound is set up for success to continue to keep those customers and really so that everyone’s happy.


How do you hope to make an impact at Allbound?

R.W: I’d really like to identify who our customer advocates are early in their lifecycle. So when a customer becomes a customer at Allbound, they go through our implementation onboarding. They have a really great one on one experience with our customer teams, and they are able to get started using their PRM to help manage and launch their partner programs. Right now, there’s a huge opportunity to engage our customers post-sales cycle, post-onboarding, to ensure that they are continually able to learn about new features to better optimize the software that they have. And then really, again, going back to what I mentioned earlier, creating community, you know.

We at Allbound want to make sure that our customers are not just being supported by having a platform to manage their partner programs, but we want to make sure that they’re equipped with the knowledge and how to build a partner program, how to launch that into market, and how to continue to grow and become more and more successful, closing more and more deals through their channels. And so as a customer marketer, I’m really excited to be able to help again identify those advocates who really want to share their successes and really elevate their voice among our other customers who are so eager to learn so that we really are creating a community of partner channel professionals and just make sure that our customers really know where to go to find all of the different types of information. 

Whether they’re looking for information specifically on product or if they’re looking for information, that’s more thought leadership. We’re always looking to learn from one another, and I think it will be very impactful to be able to facilitate those conversations.