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Congratulations! You’ve gained a new partner. The hard work of procuring that partner is done and now it’s time to sit back and let the sales start pouring in, right? Sort of. First, you need to provide your partner with the tools and information to make selling efficient, and effective.

From campaigns and educational content for your resellers, to flyers and brochures meant to educate clients, to the actual deal information itself, there is a lot of information (and files) that need to be shared.

Let’s spend some time with “Eric,” a channel account manager who uses an assortment of tools to get his job done, as he works to onboard his newest partner.

Eric has just received an email from the VP of Business Development at his company, letting him know there’s a new partner ready and waiting to be onboarded. Eric pulls up his canned email containing links to different portals for onboarding co-branded partners. He scans the links to make sure nothing has changed; LMS, SharePoint, Google Docs, PRM, the marketing team’s email address to co-brand documents … check! It’s all there. But what information isn’t Eric able to provide? Well, access to the CRM for one. But what else is missing? Data.

Eric is providing the partner with what he has, and it’s not enough. With several separate portals, it’s possible that the partner won’t even bother accessing some of them, let alone receive any data from the portals his team does use. Trainings go unwatched, campaigns and content go unused — or worse, become altered and no longer reflect the brand your company has painstakingly shaped over the years. But let’s say this partner is eager and diligent, and takes the time to access all the portals, watch the trainings, follow campaigns and educate prospective clients with the content Eric provided. That’s awesome! The model partner. Now it’s time to find out which trainings, which ebooks, which sales resources helped close the most deals. Let’s capitalize on that useful information. Oh, that’s right, we can’t.

Look familiar?

But wait, we haven’t even come close to the worst part yet — there’s no deal registration. Imagine the amount of time spent uncrossing wires and conducting compromises between partners and your in-house sales team as they unknowingly compete with each other on deals. Time wasted, stressed employees and partners, and confused prospective clients. It’s a mess every way you look at it.

Now here’s the part where I tell you that it doesn’t have to be so complicated. Let me just wave my magic wand here. Ok, kidding. But it’s true; guided selling, 360° reporting, LMS, partner playbooks, CRM integration/deal registration, content co-branding, and even gamification all exist in one easy to use cloud-based portal. It’s called Allbound.

How would Allbound have changed Eric’s day? Instead of reviewing his canned email, he would create a log-in for the partner, select the setting for a co-branded partner within his Allbound instance, and voila, the partner has everything he needs, and both he and Eric can watch and wait as the data helps them make the next move. To learn how you can further help Eric, read our additional tips for successful partner onboarding.