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Webinar Q&A: Rallying Around Today’s Customer
January 30, 2016
Webinar Q&A: Rallying Around Today’s Customer

If you were able to make time to sit down with Jen Spencer and myself for our January webinar, then you know that the customer journey has changed, today’s B2B customer expects more, our biggest competitors are our customers, and trust and authenticity are high on the list of scrutinized factors when making brand choices. We took a few minutes at the end of the webinar to answer questions from you, our eager-to-learn attendees. Read on to see our answers to your questions on how to empower your channel teams with the knowledge to best meet the needs of today’s customers.

Q: If you have a large channel of resellers, how do you provide them with authentic content and avoid having them run into each other in the market?

A: Start by making sure YOUR content is authentic. If it is, that authenticity will transcend your partner’s use of the content when they distribute it with customers and prospects. Over time you’ll want to expand your partner program, through MDF or co-op marketing programs, to work individually with partners and help them leverage your content uniquely for their organization and sales region.

Q: Some partners are interested in having information about certain products or features that aren’t necessary for others. How do you avoid dividing up relevant information without it being someone’s full time job?

A: Well, going along with the idea of personas that has been covered throughout the discussion. Just as with customers, you should build out personas for the different partner types you have in your ecosystem. Based on those personas, you can start to group and segment your partners and then align your content to the unique needs of those partner segments.

In the Allbound system, managing access to content is as simple as selecting the group you want to see the content from a select list when the content gets uploaded. It doesn’t have to be time consuming at all.

Q: How do you focus on delivering authentic content when you need to get past a gatekeeper?

A: That is a great question as it can be very difficult to get through gatekeepers, particularly if you’re targeting a CXO audience. Honestly, though, I think that if you’ve taken the time to develop personas, and have content that will resonate, you’ll naturally be able to get through those gatekeepers. Since customers perform so much due diligence on their own, those gatekeepers are going to be aware of the challenges and initiatives being focused on by the CXO they support. If something comes across their desk that seems to help address the openly discussed initiatives the gatekeeper has exposure to, they won’t hesitate to get it in front of your intended audience.

Want to know more? Watch the full recording for “Rallying Your Sales Channel Around Today’s Customer“.

Ali Spiric