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Want Partner Loyalty? Start with the Channel Partner Wish List
February 3, 2016
Want Partner Loyalty? Start with the Channel Partner Wish List

I’ll start by telling you something you already know: most channel partners are supplier agnostic. And, since that’s the case, you, the supplier, must strive to foster partner loyalty to nurture and grow both your partners and your common customer base, and you can do so by harnessing the power of innovation and communication. It’s something that your competitors might not be focused on, and it’s the gateway to revolutionizing channel partner business models.

Your channel partners aren’t searching for the lowest priced option or even for a single product in today’s solutions-based environment. Most importantly, they’re not looking for mediocre results with a supplier who is only focused on sales.

What are Channel Partners Looking for in a Supplier?

Here’s the short list:

  • Communication: Channel-ready solutions for improved communications between partners and their customers.
  • Innovation: Partners want to establish their brand as a market leader. They aren’t interested in manual processes or the same old sales and training methods.
  • Messaging and Audience Creation: Partners know they need to sell to a specific target audience, and they want help in identifying and creating relevant content to attract that audience.
  • Data: Partners want to know the reasons behind supplier decisions, and providing access to this data can build trust. Share information such as product roadmaps, success stories and expected changes in the supplier’s business model. Big changes without providing data can undermine trust and value.

By working to empower channel resellers through improved communication and innovation, and by focusing on messaging and data, you will be poised to grow not just a strong, effective channel, but a loyal one as well.