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Bounders is friendly AND delivers on time.

Making, maintaining and building relationships comprise the majority of good business practices and help to increase revenue while simultaneously reducing overhead. In addition to investing in your relationships with your customers and clients, it is also imperative to earn and keep the loyalty of your distributors, agents and resellers, since they are often the link between you and your customers – if you lose them, you often lose their customer base as well. Thankfully, there are a few key strategies to keep in mind while interacting with your resellers.

They are as follows:

1. Deliver on Time

Ensuring timely and accurate delivery lets your distributors, agents and resellers know you value their time and, since they often convey your timescales directly to your customers, you want to make sure the information getting to them is accurate. This will help you – and them – avoid disappointment when a shipment arrives later than expected, or a ship date gets moved back.

2. Keep it Friendly

As with any interaction, maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere will keep the other party engaged and interested. Becoming hostile or rude only serves to drive your partners away or, at best, make interactions more difficult and volatile in the future. By creating strong, cooperative relationships, you create connections that can provide added value in the short and long term.

3. Listen to Their Needs

Free feedback is a valuable asset, so when your distributors or resellers provide you with constructive criticism, take that information to heart and use it to your advantage by looking for areas of improvement. Many businesses pay a pretty penny for this information, so consider it a favor. Plus, making the needed changes, as long as they are valid, will make your partners happy and thus make your work easier.

When interacting with your partners, keep in mind that they are often the link between you and your customers, and you need to maintain a strong bond. To keep them returning to you, rather than moving on to your competitors, you must invest in your relationship, which includes finding a balance between proper communication to ensure results and allowing them enough independence to conduct business as they see fit.