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The Growing Importance of Content Marketing in the Channel
March 17, 2016
The Growing Importance of Content Marketing in the Channel

According to Content Marketing Institute founder Joe Pulizzi, many companies in 2016 aren’t going to master content marketing. Pulizzi says organizations are likely to “crash and burn” because they don’t do content marketing right. At the same time, Owner Media Group CEO Chris Brogan says 2016 will be the year of content marketing. So how can you do content marketing right, and how does it fit into your channel marketing strategy?

Content Marketing Isn’t Just Another Strategy

For B2B companies, 2016 is the year that content will become more than another marketing strategy. Content isn’t just a way to get the word out about your brand; it’s the string that laces all of your marketing strategies together. One area where Brogan believes this idea will be especially applicable in 2016 is on social. Organizations are going to stop treating social platforms as islands and start incorporating social into both customer success and sales processes, and both of these areas of business are extremely relevant in your channel.

Don’t Confuse Any Content With The Right Content

In the past, the business with the most content often garnered the most traffic and conversions. Brogan believes this won’t be the case going forward, and it’s not just because search engines are tightening the reins. Consumers — particularly B2B consumers — are becoming more savvy about online marketing. In a busy world, people want to feel their time was spent in valuable endeavors.

Brogan believes the key to winning big with content is providing pertinent, useful content, and marketing experts from a variety of industries agree with this prediction. Companies must now focus less on creating more content and learn how to serve the right content to the right audience at the right time.

What does that mean for B2B organizations who sell through channel partners? It means working to understand your channel’s content needs now so you can deliver more engaging content to them throughout the year. Engage with your partners via online platforms, forums, phone calls, and surveys to find out what content they need to drive business.

When you produce content that addresses the true needs of your channel partners, the return on that content will be greater than the return on random, if prolific, content served to the wrong people.