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The Critical Role That Sales Productivity Tools Play in the Success of Your Partner Program
July 28, 2016
The Critical Role That Sales Productivity Tools Play in the Success of Your Partner Program


It goes without saying that sales productivity is an important aspect of channel partner programs. Sales productivity tools can help measure how effectively your partners are generating revenue, and help them manage their time more efficiently.

With the push to “work smarter, not harder,” sales productivity tools have never been more essential.

Automate tasks

If the partner sales teams can spend less time on a repeatable activity, they can devote more time to other essential tasks. A sales productivity tool that can simplify or automate email responses means that the partner sales staff can shift attention from sending general emails to crafting personalized responses to those who are truly interested in the product.

This allows your partner teams to schedule and automate their check-in communication as well. Focusing on lead retention is not complex when it can be pre-set and scheduled in advance.



Gut feelings are great, but hard facts are even better. If your partner sales are increasing, having an awareness of any reasons for why the sales numbers are going up can help in the future. Sales productivity tools can help the channel partners chart when they began implementing certain productivity tasks. This can in turn give direction on where to concentrate their energy next.

Remember, it’s working smarter, not harder, that will help drive leads and generate revenue. If the partner sales staff can find which of their efforts are producing the highest increase in sales, this can allow them to determine where they need to redouble the effort to generate even more sales with the next round.


Consolidating Marketing and Sales Focus

Often, sales and marketing work alongside each other towards a common goal. But when marketing pulls in one direction, and the sales team is unaware of it, the quality and quantity of leads can quickly diminish. Especially with channel partner sales team, where the teams may be spread out through multiple regions and independent of marketing areas.

When your channel partners can use productivity tools to collaborate and stay up to date on any marketing campaigns, this prevents overlap and avoids and confusion or misdirection. When the partner sales teams receive updates on a reliable schedule, they can make changes to any automated tasks to stay with the new methodology. Leads will receive information and responses as expected, and won’t be confused by references to old and outdated topics.

With these critical features, sales productivity tools help your channel partners generate revenue effectively. The shift from working harder to working more efficiently is simple with the help of some productivity aids.