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Gain visibility into partner actions and engagement with Allbound's PRM platform.

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Templates for Your Channel Partner Program Strategy

Running a partnership program is not easy! The Allbound team created a series of templates so you can spend less time on busy work and more time optimizing and scaling your channel.

These channel partner program templates were carefully curated by our content team to provide the toolkit you need to take your program’s strategy to the next level. Each item is free to download and ready for use.

Vendor Vetting Sheet Template

Selecting a vendor to help scale your channel program is no easy feat, but we’ve created a vendor/consultant vetting sheet to help you along the process. In addition to the template, we delve into what consultants are and how to select the right consultant for you.

Partner Channel Forecasting and Budget Sheet Template

When it comes to securing budget for your partner program and setting goals, it’s imperative to give yourself ample time to set a clear plan for the upcoming year. We’ve crafted a free channel budget and forecasting template to make this process easy as pie.

Bonus: David Paul, Venture Capital and Growth Equity Investor, joined us for an on-demand webinar about how to secure budget and what makes a good proposal

Candidate Interview Evaluation Scorecard

The Partner Manager is one of the first hires on a partner team, though they’re unlikely to be your last. Do you know where to find the best new hire for your team? Or what to ask in each interview stage? Don’t worry; this template has you covered!

Discover everything you need to know about hiring a partner manager, including over 25 interview questions you can add directly to interview scorecards.

Channel Sales Strategy Deck

Channel partner programs are uniquely positioned to weather economic storms. Now is the time to reinforce existing channel partner strategies to maximize ROI while simultaneously cutting excess spending. Reinvesting in channel sales enables you to pursue new audiences with minimal upfront costs, like hiring full-time staff. 

Use this template from Allbound to double-check that your channel partner program is ready to make the most of every dollar spent. 

Channel Partner Marketing Plan Template

As you may know, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to partner marketing plans. So, we here at Allbound sought to supply a few steps to ensure success.

In this interactive template, your plan will move from ideation to actualization with the support of step-by-step instruction and suggestions from the Allbound team.

Access the strategy template below to jumpstart your channel partner journey!

Partner Pitch Deck

If your 2023 plans include expanding your partner roster or scaling your channel, then the free Partner Pitch Deck template is for you! The objective of this deck is to show prospective partners:

  • Who you are and what you’ve accomplished
  • Which problems your product or software solve
  • Why now is the right time to join your channel program
  • What makes you different
  • How to sell your product
  • And finally, the most important piece: what’s in it for them

Channel Partner Scorecard Template

How do you gauge the success of a partnership? Allbound created a customizable template that gives you a clear and concise way to communicate the progress of five essential components of a successful partnership:

1. Training and Onboarding Progress
2. Deals Registered / Support Provided
4. Pipeline / Annual Goal Pacing
5. Successful Plays

Free Referral Partner Agreement Template

Whether you’re just building your channel program or onboarding your 500th partner, there’s always one part of the process that may not be as exciting as the rest: the paperwork. Thankfully, Allbound has done the work for you with our simple and customizable 2021 Referral Partner Agreement Template.

This template includes the terms of:

  • The referral process
  • Negotiations and agreements
  • Marketing, promotions, and trademarks
  • Confidentiality
  • and more

Quarterly Business Review PowerPoint Template

We’re nearing the end of a new quarter. Do you know what that means? It means that QBRs are right around the corner.

At times, QBRs can be time-consuming, but we’ve found a way to shorten prep time and efficiently connect with your partners. We’ve created a QBR guide and PowerPoint template to help you uncover strengths and growth opportunities within your channel partnerships. 

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