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Serko Achieves 100% Portal Adoption for Improved Sales Enablement

Serko overcomes the challenges of global partner enablement to achieve 100% platform utilization.

Get to Know Serko, a Publicly Traded Company With Global Reach

Serko develops integrated technology solutions for online business travel and expense management. The company is rooted in New Zealand, but its partners and 6,000+ corporate customers operate across Europe, North America, and Oceania.

The Challenge

Lack of Infrastructure to Support Remote Teams or Scalable Growth

Serko successfully built relationships with international partners but found remote management to be a challenge. They determined that the limitations of manual support and lack of centralized information could diminish partner training engagement, ultimately prohibiting partners from representing Serko with full confidence. 

Serko also recognized that their current partner management practices could not sustain the scalable growth and consistent partner standards necessary to achieve future goals. 

The Solution

Systemize Communication and Sales Enablement by Leveraging Allbound

After considering creating a Serko-operated microsite, the team ultimately chose to collaborate with Allbound to strengthen sales and operational enablement.

“Allbound inspired and excited the team with what they could do with a partner portal”, said Nick Whitehead, Chief Marketing Officer at Serko. “We didn’t see any other solutions that could achieve the same outcomes so effectively.”

The Allbound team handled the set-up and integration with supplementary tools like HubSpot. Within mere weeks, Serko presented partners with a portal customized to represent their brand and specific needs. As their program evolved, Allbound incorporated new platform capabilities like gamification and deal registration.

The Impact

100% Tool Adoption and Measurable Growth in Partner Confidence

Serko now manages all partners using Allbound, resulting in significantly improved engagement with sales enablement materials and the program on the whole.

Partners appreciate the accelerated onboarding timeline and frictionless deal registration. They also self-report increased confidence in articulating Serko’s selling points, helping them quickly become successful. 

The sales and marketing team specifically notes that categorizing and distributing content based on the region and partner type is foundational to growing their global reach. 

“We chose Allbound to activate and implement our partners, however we’ve seen a positive shift in our sales teams using the portal with potential partners to showcase Serko’s world class program – it’s now used as part of the sales process. It’s a great partner experience that builds trust and we believe Allbound is absolutely key to that”, said Whitehead.