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Say Goodbye to Manual Spreadsheets: 

Streamline Your Incentive and Commission Processes with Allbound

Are you tired of drowning in a sea of spreadsheets while trying to manage commission and incentive calculations for your channel partners? Well, say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and hello to Allbound Incentives & Payments!

Join us on Tuesday, June 20th at 12:00 PM ET to see how our platform can help you streamline your incentive and commission processes

With our Incentives Management and Payments features, you’ll save time and reduce errors in manual commission calculations and payments. No more endless emails from partners asking “where is my check?” Our PRM provides complete transparency into the incentive process and allows partners to easily track their earnings.


During the webinar, you’ll learn how Allbound:

  1. Automates your incentive program calculations
  2. Improves the vendor/partner relationship with visibility and tracking
  3. Reduces costs for management and distribution of payments.
  4. Can manage and set up payment processing quickly

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Rachel Ward

Director of Customer Marketing, Allbound

Kyle Koski

Senior Product Manager, Allbound