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Partner Pitch Deck Template

How do you get a partner interested in being a part of your channel? One of many important factors is a partner pitch deck!

The objective of this example deck is to show prospective partners:

  • Who you are and what you’ve accomplished
  • Which problems your product or software solves
  • Why now is the right time to join your channel program
  • What makes you different
  • How to sell your product
  • And finally, the most important piece: what’s in it for them


Allbound has created a free PowerPoint deck to help guide your partner recruitment efforts. Happy recruiting!


Download the Partner Pitch Deck PPTX Template

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How to Further Evolve Your Partnership Pitch Deck

There are four main scenarios that should cause you to modify your partnership decks:

  • To target new types of partners – The priorities and baseline knowledge of one group won’t be the same as another. Therefore, cater the deck based on what you know about the prospective partner. This may mean choosing different program elements to prioritize within your presentation, choosing similar example case studies, or even modifying the complexity of the language. 
  • In response to prospective partner feedback – Not all feedback is direct, as palpable disinterest or confusion can also be quite telling. Ask the recruiting channel managers to note reactions to the various talking points and which questions they regularly receive. Use emerging patterns to drive the evolution of your pitch deck content. 
  • To reflect your changing brand and product capabilities – Don’t neglect regularly reevaluating your partnership pitch deck. Have a fresh case study or a new feature? While such materials may not always be worthy of inclusion in an opening presentation, they serve as a reminder to double-check whether you’re pitching with your strongest talking points. 
  • Prospects enroll as partners with the wrong expectations – Getting a partner to enroll in your program is only part of the journey. After all, if they jump ship without ever generating a closed deal, all your work amounts to nothing. If your program has a high attrition rate amongst onboarding partners, you may want to evaluate your pitch presentation and materials. Consider if there is any language that may set false expectations, such as vague criteria for partner tiers or misrepresenting training tracks. 

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