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Meet #AllStar Jessica Sanchez: Allbound Director of Content Services
June 3, 2016
Meet #AllStar Jessica Sanchez: Allbound Director of Content Services


At Allbound we’re more than just a software company. We’re a team of passionate individuals working together to change the way sales and marketing is accomplished in the channel. Our content services leader is #AllStar Jessica Sanchez, Allbound’s meme-generating, gif-sharing, emoji-abusing driver of team collaboration and company spirit.

What really drives your content services team at Allbound?

For a lot of B2B organizations, especially if they sell through partner channels, they try to repurpose their content they use for their direct sales team, and that just doesn’t really work for the channel, so specifically with Allbound and Allbound content services, we are looking to create that custom content that’s authentic — that’s not just repurposed but really gets down to the needs and the business pain points of partners. That’s really what content should be, especially if you’re providing it to your channel partners.

Interesting. So, what do you recommend that suppliers do to ensure they are providing their partners with the best content to fit their specific needs?

When you collaborate with your partner and you really get down to having those conversations with them — and not just the emails going back and forth or hopping on call when something goes wrong — really engaging with them through online forums, different meetings and surveys, that’s when you get to dig down deep and find out what content they need in order to sell more of your specific product or solution.

Is there any particular type of content you tend see more frequently being used by partners? Anything you recommend on a regular basis?

Everything’s visual. That’s where we’re gearing towards, so I would suggest infographics, design that’s really engaging and catches your eye, but more importantly the copy and the content that’s provided in there in a very sleek and organized fashion. Of course, you want to position your partners to be thought leaders in the industry, so if you’re providing that type of content like videos or infographics and if they can be co-brandable I think that’s one of the best ways to empower your partners to again be those thought leaders in social forums like LinkedIn and Twitter or Facebook.

You were one of the first team members to join Allbound. What do you love about this company?

I love Allbound because we provide an amazing product that simplifies business solutions. I think everyone is looking for that type of simplicity and we do it in every aspect of our business.