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Best Practices in Managing Your Channel During an Economic Downturn

Top things to work on with your partners when there is an economic downturn.

The business world is abuzz with chatter about a possible economic downturn. Sales divisions and Channel leaders must navigate their companies through choppy waters, unsure of what lies ahead. 

    Now is the time to shore up existing channel partner strategies to maximize ROI while simultaneously cutting excess spending. The good news is that channel partner programs are uniquely positioned to weather economic storms. Reinvesting in channel sales enables you to pursue new audiences with minimal upfront costs, like hiring full-time staff. What’s more, you share promotional costs with partners, limiting financial risk. 

    Use this template from Allbound to double-check that your program is ready to make the most of every dollar spent. 

    Included in this template: 

    • 12-item checklist to gauge channel program readiness 
    • Worksheet for creating actionable goals 
    • Workflow for channel action plans

    These exercises should help narrow your focus (and resource utilization) on high-potential partners and pinpoint program vulnerabilities. As a result, your program will be nimble yet well-equipped to ride out any economic downturns. 

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