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LookingGlass Cyber Switched To Allbound And Saved 43% In Platform Costs

About LookingGlass Cyber Solutions

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions is a leader in intelligence-driven risk mitigation, including global attack surface monitoring, threat modeling, and network defense. Their full service portfolio integrates threat intelligence, analysis, and a robust set of tools to operationalize threat mitigation in the network. With standard and custom solutions, LookingGlass makes cyber security smart and seamless for governments and enterprises.

LookingGlass’ channel program has rapidly grown over the last three years to over 200 partners. As their goals changed from increasing the volume of partners to increasing quality, they began to investigate if their current partner relationship management (PRM) tool was a fit for their needs.

KPI’s Improved
  • Platform Costs 43%

  • Implementation Speed

  • Speed to Partner Adoption 

The Challenge

Increased Cost with Current PRM Tool and Decreased Partner Engagement

Three years into LookingGlass’ channel program the team noticed only about 30% of partners were engaging with their current platform. Something needed to change in order to increase co-marketing initiatives, webinar attendance, and deal registration.

“Our original goal as a company was to sign up as many partners as possible but we noticed partners who signed up didn’t really do much in the portal,” said John McCabe, VP of Channels & Alliances, LookingGlass Cyber. “I had looked at existing partners and something was missing – we had spent a ton of money on our current partner portal but it was so difficult for partners to use, no training was done, and it was too expensive.”

With that in mind, John and team set out to find a different PRM that was going to help their channel grow, drive partner attention and involvement, and not penalize them financially.

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The Solution

Selecting the Fastest Growing PRM Solution

John began his search for different PRM tools in the market; he had used Allbound at two companies prior-to LookingGlass and knew adding it to his PRM research shortlist was in store.

John mentioned, “At my previous roles, Allbound made it so much easier for a customer to get up and running to utilize the tool so we could, in turn, grow our program.”

There were a few missing pieces in his current PRM tool John knew he needed in the new selection:

  1. Deal registration: He had noticed there had been zero deals registered in the current tool. LookingGlass needed a better way to track deal registration to help eliminate channel conflict and progress of successful and unsuccessful partners.
  2. More intuitive processes: It was a mess on the backend and they needed a concise way to understand engagement and partner progress.
  3. Training and marketing materials: John needed a better, more automated way to upload partner training and onboarding materials. He needed co-marketing experiences to be fluid and more easy for partners to use.

Allbound’s automated deal registration capabilities enable channel managers to have visibility into which partners are registering deals and eliminates channel conflict. John found solace in Allbound’s training and onboarding capabilities. He and his team could now upload training programs and onboarding materials to help keep track of which partners are ready to sell.

All co-marketing takes place in the Allbound portal and partners have 24/7 access to co-brand materials and immediately share with prospects. Historically, LookingGlass would need to pay an additional fee with their existing PRM provider to create marketing materials, which slowed down the process and created frustration.



Saving His Company 43% in Platform Costs, Automating Partner Enablement, Improving Engagement

With John’s prior experience using Allbound, he knew making the switch would be easy. He was even locked in a contract with his existing PRM provider and Allbound’s CEO, Daniel Graff-Radford, worked with John on an easy switch to Allbound while starting the implementation process early.

“Allbound is easy to work with and they made the sales and implementation process a breeze,” said McCabe.

Making the switch to Allbound has instilled confidence in LookingGlass Cyber’s partner channel program.