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In the Age of the Customer, Focus on Reseller Quality Over Quantity
January 25, 2016
In the Age of the Customer, Focus on Reseller Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to finding resellers for your brand, quality is more important than quantity. After all, your resellers will be representing your brand to customers, so it’s important that they’re able to communicate your message effectively. Follow these tips to find the right partner for your brand.

Look for Resellers Who Understand Your Brand

Resellers must understand your brand promise in order to represent you well to customers. Look for resellers who are truly passionate about your product and are able to communicate its key features and benefits. Resellers who don’t understand the point of your product or are unenthusiastic about your brand are unlikely to convince potential customers of its value.

Resellers Must Be Able to Reach the Right Buyers

It’s important that resellers take a targeted approach to promoting your brand. Rather than trying to sell to the whole world, they should use your research into the brand’s buyer personas to target their message to the people most likely to be interested. When you start working with a reseller, provide as much information as possible about your buyer personas to help your resellers know how to reach the target audience.

Resellers Must Care About Customers

As representatives of your brand, resellers must care about customers and dedicate themselves to providing the best possible service. Choose resellers who are keen to understand customers’ needs and are prepared to do whatever it takes to meet them. The best resellers aren’t just interested in making a sale and moving on to the next customer. Instead, they build nurturing relationships that satisfy customers’ needs over the long term. Provide customer service training as part of your onboarding process to help your resellers serve customers better.

Don’t Play the Numbers Game

It’s tempting to think that adding as many resellers as possible to your channel will inevitably result in sales, but this isn’t the best approach. A few high-quality resellers can make a much higher volume of sales than many low-quality ones. In addition, high-quality resellers can act as positive ambassadors for your brand.

Remember: Quality is more important than quantity. Don’t simply add as many resellers as possible to your channel and hope for the best; instead, focus on finding high-quality resellers to represent your brand.