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Your customers are your greatest marketing resource. If you can demonstrate that your customers’ successes are due in part to your services and that others can be as successful with your help, you can easily build a strong new customer base. A great way to reach out to potential new clients is through customer stories.

If done correctly, customer stories can build your credibility, illustrate how your services can be used to the greatest effect, and engage your current customers as you publicly recognize their successes. In short, you can get the attention of new customers while building a stronger relationship with your current clients. But drafting effective customer stories takes some skill. Below are a few tips on how to write excellent customer testimonials.

Focus on Authenticity

In a world saturated with advertising, potential clients can easily determine if something has been manufactured for a marketing purpose. If you use marketing jargon or awkward transitions, shifting the focus from your client to your business, you are going to alienate the potential customers reviewing your site. Let your customers tell their stories in their own words. When people tell real stories without coaching, you can tell, and it draws you in. To ensure that you get what you need, don’t coach them on what to say. Instead, ask the right questions and the customer will be able to provide the answers you need for a compelling story in their own words.

Build Up Your Partners

If you are a B2B vendor selling predominantly through a channel of resellers, you know that you are only as successful as those partners. It is just as important to highlight the service your partners provide as it is to demonstrate the quality of your product. So be sure to spend equal time discussing the expertise of your partners and your product features. Consider including links within the story that go to your partner’s web pages. And finally, consider structuring the client story section of your site so that it can be sorted by geographic region. This will allow potential customers to find the reseller in their area and ensure a distribution of leads among all your partners.

Don’t Go Overboard

When trying to convince someone to do something, there is always the temptation to just provide as much supporting data as possible in an effort to overwhelm them with positive evidence. But a lot of time, this can backfire. The reader’s eyes glaze over, and none of the data makes an impression because there is too much of it. Instead, choose the two or three most important statistics to ensure that those bits of data stick with the reader.