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How to Maintain Brand Consistency Across Your Partner Sales Channel
December 20, 2016
How to Maintain Brand Consistency Across Your Partner Sales Channel

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If it isn’t already, brand consistency should be your primary concern in the channel, as far as content goes. Why? Because people buy from brands they trust. And the first step in garnering trust is maintaining brand integrity.

In the age of information (cue corny sci-fi theme music), organizations often use an exorbitant amount of marketing and sales channels. And ensuring that content is steady throughout all these respective channels is paramount to success.

From maintaining a consistent voice and personality to ensuring that all collateral is unified and recognizable, the most successful companies harness the power of their brand. Here’s how:

Know your buyer personas.

Knowing your buyers and how they rank across your organization’s hierarchy is a crucial first step. What do your buyers do in their roles? And what motivates them? Furthermore, what are their greatest challenges—and how and where do they seek solutions to these problems?

Developing buyer personas that are created around problems ensures that specific problems are being resolved. And that your products are being catered to individuals who are attracted to your product in the first place.

Take control of your voice.

According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is the “name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good[s] or service[s] as distinct from those of other sellers.” In other words, your brand is your organization’s character. So figure out your voice.

Whether you have a full-scale marketing team or a single, scrappy individual at your disposal, it’s crucial to establish your company voice. From establishing grammatical preferences to defining brand fonts and colors, consistency is key in channel empowerment. Establishing playbooks that outline which content should be used in specific scenarios and ready-to-launch campaigns can help automate delivery and prevent stressful situations.

Empower reps to be brand advocates.

Both your channel partner reps and your own internal team should pay close attention to their own personal brands. After all, they are the veritable voices of your product. And setting your reps up for success ensures that they sell your product the way it’s intended to be sold.

While it’s part of the new-hire process for in-house reps to be onboarded, it’s equally important to give channel partners a similar amount of attention. Establishing—and maintaining—a consistent communication method ensures that they’re informed from day one. Partner sales acceleration software automates this process by providing training, quizzes, and certifications to make sure your reps are up to speed.

What’s more, partner sales acceleration software streamlines collaboration and improves sales efficacy with better engagement and organization. Sure, it’s up to you to create effective collateral and custom content. However, software makes it easy to provide personalized prospect pages and customized content so that reseller reps communicate with prospects efficiently and effectively.