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How to Give Your Channel Partners the Right Resources to Spur Success
December 29, 2016
How to Give Your Channel Partners the Right Resources to Spur Success

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Recruiting and retaining the best channel partners is only the first step in your path to success. Providing your partners with the right resources, and ensuring that they receive support—from onboarding to training—is the only way to really ensure that you’ve established a mutually beneficial partnership.

Developing an effective strategy is essential for your organization; no matter your size or scope. Channel sales strategy programs allow companies to increase brand awareness, grow their business, and remain competitive.

Need some pointers on how to provide your partners with the best resources? You’ve come to the right place.

Trainingchannel partners

On average, it takes 7-9 months to train sales reps. That’s a lot of time. And while internal sales reps are typically responsible for selling one product or service, your partners will usually be selling for multiple companies. Because of this, you can expect an even longer onboarding process.

Equipping partners with sales enablement tools empowers them to work effectively and efficiently. The best platforms walk partners through offerings and solutions, facilitating the entire process. It’s all about helping your partners to want to sell your product. Enablement tools do just that by streamlining the discovery process.


One of the hardest parts for partners trying to learn a new product is the inevitable information overload. No matter how familiar your partners are with an industry, it’s almost a given that they will feel inundated with new information from day one.

That’s why it’s essential to equip your channel partners with content that provides them with specific information. This includes specifics on product offerings, stages of the buying process, and competitive advantages.

Sales enablement tools can offer marketing support and collateral that set your partners up for success. Automated solutions alert your reps when you upload and designate content—so they can use that content to accelerate the sales cycle.


At the end of the day, if your partners are unable to communicate with you (or other important members of your organization) your efforts are moot—no matter how much useful information you provide. Learning can be a social experience. And social platforms are a proven way to engage prospects and customers, but it has been slow to catch on in many channel segments.

You can’t expect your partners to become social mavens overnight. Start by making it easy for them to monitor what you are doing. Set up social feeds that reps can use to listen and monitor industry news and relevant discussions. This is not only a great way to learn, but can also make it easy to amplify your message when they start to quote, retweet and like the content from your stream.

Ultimately, the most effective strategies include a clearly outlined tracking mechanism that is able to provide insight on objectives and performance. Sales enablement technology coaches your reps and keeps them up to speed, while multi-step training tracks activities to help your reps succeed.