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How to Clear the Cobwebs Out of Your Partner Program

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10 Ways to Clear the Cobwebs Out of Your Partner Program

Halloween is scary, but your channel shouldn’t be. Allbound has come up with ten fool-proof ways to clear the cobwebs out of your partner program:

1. Dress It Up!

It’s not a costume; it’s your brand! Put your personal touches on your partner portal so that your partners know who you are. Don’t hide behind the mask your PRM provider created; work with them to dress up your portal. Let you partners also get in on the fun with co-branding features. 

Clear the Cobwebs

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2. Monsters are out, Marketers are in

Get your marketing team involved. Make sure that they help to customize your portal and that they can provide new and exciting content to keep your portal fresh. Running a partner program is a team effort.


3. Re-engage Your Zombified Partners

If you notice your partners are not engaged, check-in. But if you find that your partner is too far gone, it might be time to end the relationship; before they eat your brains. Having a partner portal does not mean you should stop talking to your partners; in fact it should improve and provide greater value to your conversations.


4. Remove the Skeletons from your PRM

If your content is nothing but a pile of bones, it may be time to retire it. Make sure to clean out the old content in order to make room for the new. If you retire a product, make sure you remove any associated materials so your partners know to stop selling it. Content is only good as long as it is relevant.


5. See the Future with Channel Insights

Data doesn’t lie. A good way to gauge the success of your partner portal, is to look at your reports. See if you can spot any trends or patterns. Look at what is working and what might not be. If partners are engaging with videos more than e-books, you might need to re-evaluate the types of content produced in the future.


6. Keep the Bloodline Flowing

Ultimately, the reason you have partnerships is to increase revenue. If the blood supply is a little low, you may need to create incentives to get the pipeline pumping. Perhaps you partners need additional training or sales materials? Work with your partners to figure out where they are coming up dry and how to liven things thing up.


7. Train Your Partners to Slay

As you roll out new products or features, make sure you are preparing your partners so that they can tackle these new beasts. Provide materials and training to your partners so that they fully comprehend the value and can best speak about your products/services. A good partner needs good weapons.


8. Prevent Jump Scares

A portal gives your partners a place to engage with content, manage their pipeline, and further develop their relationship; but it only works if you are transparent. Having a portal does not mean you stop communicating; if anything, it means that you now have a way to better prepare and support each other. Make sure you include any upcoming events, announcements, and conversations up to date so your partners know they aren’t alone.


9. Ask Your Customer Success Magicians

If you purchased a PRM, chances are you have an account manager who has worked with a multitude of customers, just like you. Don’t be afraid to ask what tricks they might have up their sleeves. Your CSM will likely have best practices, tips and tricks, and maybe some magical words of wisdom to take your PRM to the next level.


10. Bring your PRM back to life!

Now might just be the perfect time to revamp your PRM. If something wasn’t working, fix it. Hopefully these tips help you clear out the cobwebs so you can stop scaring off your partners and instead expose the magic of having a successful PRM.