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How to Build a Marketing Stack that Actually Helps Channel Sales
July 11, 2017
How to Build a Marketing Stack that Actually Helps Channel Sales

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The combination of software products and technologies used by your marketing team is called your marketing stack. In theory, these tools are aligned around sales cycles and work to empower your reps to improve activities and drive success.

However, there’s often a gap between tools designed for sales and marketing and those designed around the needs of your channel partners. What if we told you that adding a channel layer to your current stack could centralize and connect people, content, and technology?

It’s true. Completely rethinking the channel and your marketing stack not only empowers partners to sell, but it also improves your sales processes and shortens sales cycles.


You’ve already invested in marketing and sales technologies. You don’t need more stacked technologies. Augmenting your existing marketing investments with a plug-and-play application platform designed around the needs of your partners can result in a marketing stack that actually helps your channel.

What’s the benefit of adding a channel layer in your existing sales and marketing stack?

Unlike hierarchical channel technology stacks, a streamlined technology layer grows your channel and provides you with access to reports and statistics that ultimately accelerate performance. In these systems, power struggles are replaced by powerful partnerships and a shared mission of working toward a common goal.

Both marketing and sales want to fill the sales funnel. However, generating good leads is easier said than done. Simply put, marketing spends too much time on lead generation—and 79 percent of these leads never convert into sales. What’s more, only 25 percent of leads are legitimate and should advance to sales in the first place.

Using synchronized tools can eliminate wasted investments and resolve inefficient processes.

It’s true: No two companies are the same.

What works for one partner program might be different from what works for yours. However, the most successful teams use a formalized system to organize and store leads. And the most successful teams leverage the right combination of tools to improve this process.

This might demand an overhaul of your existing system. It requires you to invest in a channel layer to actively disrupt your current processes.

All-in-one platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo integrate with your current technology stack—and actually improve channel sales. These powerful platforms include lead capture and contact insights features. They scrape pre-existing website forms and add contacts to your existing contact database. They also help teams create lead flows—pop-ups, hello bars, or slide-ins—that will help turn visitors into leads.

These tools and technology organize marketing and sales information to enable partners to search, share, and consume information. Whether you’re looking to improve your lead generation, social media, or email marketing efforts, all-in-one platforms save time by automating processes.  

What’s worse than not enough technology? Having too many tools that don’t integrate with each other.

Sure, your marketing tools may be powerful on their own. However, when your stack is disjointed and systems are siloed, it can make things even more complex for your channel. When your marketing and sales tools integrate with each other, they create a solid stack.

It’s time to say goodbye to the complex portals, legacy PRM systems, and disconnected systems that restrain channel performance. Building a channel marketing and sales stack takes more than combining disjointed systems that don’t communicate with each other. It requires integrated, channel-specific tools designed around the needs of your partners.

We may be biased, but Allbound is the next-generation platform for accelerating partner revenue.

Sales acceleration technology accounts for the entire sales ecosystem. It improves sales efficacy with improved engagement and organization. It empowers partners and streamlines collaboration. And it even integrates into your CRM of choice so partners can leverage its advanced channel features.

Allbound is built specifically around the needs of channel partners—and has tools and features in place that facilitate cross-enterprise communication with marketing. By centralizing all your tools and technologies, Allbound removes latency between connections and delivery of the sale.

Are you ready to build a marketing stack that actually accelerates channel sales?